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RTL jungle camp: Day 11: The unbearable audacity of being

Chris and Bastian feel provoked – by the mere presence of each other. Leila knows about gagging. And Gisele is out.

TV review of Johanna Bruckner

Topic of the day: the unbearable audacity of being. "Currywurst man" Chris Töpperwien and muscle man Bastian Yotta already feel provoked by the mere presence of each other. It started with intercourse tips and blackout at the imageNewspaper. Meanwhile, it's about existence: um realness, Chris "does not like Showhases here". Bastian says, "Fake fucker!" In support of one's own truthfulness, the dirty truth about the opponent is repeatedly threatened. However, the viewer waits in vain for versions. Of course, the creators of the format can not care less about who is authentic and who is a slicer. And maybe the whole argument is staged. A narrative less that the jungle camp editors have to come up with. On day eleven it is enough to send the alleged intimate enemies on a nocturnal treasure hunt – and it all goes to script. So Chris and Bastian.

The latter introduces: "It's a challenge because we're a long way from the team, and there may only be one survivor." Chris counters, "I can not perform because I'm so depressed by the presence." Afterwards they both do a show, as if it were really about life and death. Evelyn Burdecki, chosen by RTL as the Proleten buffer, fears for her physical well-being. "I have fears, a little, I just hope there are at least 24 rangers." But they are not necessary – in the light of the treasure cave infrared cameras, the alpha hammers rehearse the great pronunciation shortly thereafter. There are conciliatory words and even foreign words. Chris explains again that he felt "personally and ethically" attacked. Bastian wants to have meant everything "ironic and sarcastic".

For real, now?

RTL jungle camp: Day 10

"2019 will be the smart year for me"

Although Evelyn has no malformation, she is not (yet) educated. The Yotta shows what he has in mind – and the son of Doreen, that he could be the new Thorsten Legate.TV review by Johanna Bruckner

In supporting roles: the other jungle campers. Chris and Bastian may not like each other, but what they like even less is sharing the limelight with others. This experience must make both Doreen Dietel and Evelyn Burdecki, who try as mediators. Doreen listens patiently to the currywurst's sauce, and then dares to ask, "Did you him That's the way it is said? "Chris responded ungraciously:" I told him about Instagram, and that's enough. "Evelyn is even nastierly bitched by the Bavarian Beelzebub Bastian, who opens her mouth during the treasure hunt and remembers the challenge the Yotta about the same: "You can shut up now. We do not have a challenge right now, girls, we have a serious conversation! "

And the jungle test? Leads to the fact that even with bobsleigh Sandra Kiriasis the linguistic level shoots down the ice channel: "You could have shaved the asshole quietly," the athlete says during the competition. And no, she does not mean fellow combatant Bastian Yotta. Sandra just caught one of the dreaded eating exams. Among other things, on the menu in the "star kitchen": pork anus. But it's not just about disgust. Socio-critical insights are also on the table. When Bastian Pansen is supposed to eat, Leila Lowfire notes, "Eats my dog ​​too." Bastian replies: "There is a difference between man and dog – not anymore today."

You guessed it, it does not stay that profound. Unappetizing pushes up. Or, as Leila puts it: "You always breathe against the gagging, the food and the oral sex." Balance of the breathing exercise: nine stars for then nine campers.

Who is out today? Gisele Oppermann. She says softly in farewell, "Well then." There is nothing more to say about it.

Set for the TV annals: "Lips should be kissed, but not possible tune. "(Says Peter Orloff on plastic surgery – he's right.)

What was talked about the campfire? About formative childhood experiences. The Yotta remembers the time when he was just Bastian. It is a journey into a painful past. "As a kid, I was beaten every day with a stick," he tells Camp Darkmate Felix van Deventer under cover of darkness. His father had the behavior of his children controlled by a plus and minus list. "If I had more pluses on Friday, then I could go to the movies and if I had more minus, then there were ten sticks." The pain was not the worst thing, but the uncertainty. "And then your father tells you: I do that because I love you."

Bastian Yotta lets the audience get close to him. He probably does that consciously. But that does not necessarily make his story implausible. Or less terrible. "It is a very honest and very likeable person, but still has a tank to protect himself," says Felix. It is a possible truth.

Moral of the story? "What does he want on German television?" Asks Chris Töpperwien, and of course Bastian Yotta means. The answer: what they all want – to be seen.


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