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RTL jungle camp: Day 10: Zicke Zacke Pupskacke

Although Evelyn has no malformation, she is not (yet) educated. The Yotta shows what he has in mind. And the son of Doreen, that he could be the new Thorsten Legate.

TV review of Johanna Bruckner

Topic of the day: Self-doubt. A classic phenomenon among jungle campers after ten days without contact with the outside world. No appearances in village discotheques, no headlines in the boulevard, no likes – how do you know where you stand? Evelyn Burdecki questions herself, emotionally and intellectually. She was thrown into "this TV world", "lives somewhere" a dream ". But did she forget about the people she grew up with? Not the only question that teases the TV professional: Is her nickname "Big Brain Burdecki" possibly undeserved? "I do not have any malformation now, I have some education," says Evelyn. But it also has inferiority complexes. "Sometimes it's hard when you're in a group with educated people – talking to them." And yes, we are still in the RTL jungle camp, the format that is suspected of driving people's stupidity. Anyway, Evelyn does not want to blame it – she has big plans. "2019 will be the smart year for me, after the jungle I've decided to study and read books." They ask, "Waaas?" Answer: "Something with Finance. "

Sounds mega ambitious? "Not mega, yotta," corrects the Yotta. "Because mega is the second lowest and yotta is the highest."

At Sybille Rauch, however, the fears of their departure are bound to shoot immeasurably. Probably because the farewell in the camp for the PopsicleIcon cools down fails. Sibylle says, "Yes, too bad." Peter says, "Yes, greetings." The 58-year-old is disillusioned: "I knew that this second chance does not exist when you land where I landed, and somehow that has a reason." Yes, life is not fair – and certainly not the reality TV. Now, of all things, the woman who is perhaps the most authentic is going early. Certainly the most self-critical. "Well with my manager, there will definitely be a thunderstorm," fears Sibylle. But manager Helmut Werner, who has already advised a certain Gina-Lisa Lohfink (bad), is not a monster. He says what Sibylle has to hear now: "The schedule is full."

"I do not want to have anything to do with my cock"

Felix announces that he will become a father. As befits a media professional: with tears and a press release. Sybille delivers one last time what she was bought for. Sex.TV review by Johanna Bruckner

Carrying role: the goats. Bobsleigh Sandra Kiriasis is in the mood for Bockwurst. Sex expert Leila Lowfire does not mind. So winning. Whether she is not so slowly the idea to get the jungle crown asks moderator Daniel Hartwich. Leila answers without a fire: "Yes, must, no."

What was talked about the campfire? About post office from the home. It is traditionally sent to the camp when the morale of the troop sinks and the first think about deserting. In such a situation, the time warriors help strengthen the words of the loved ones at home. Above all, they help the station with the odds. Let's go – here's a "Best of phrases".

"I could not imagine how hard it will be without you." (Writes Bastian Yotta's girlfriend Maria, who kindly says: "It really touched my heart.")

"We'll watch you every day." (Writing mom and dad from "Bobhase" Sandra Kiriasis.)

"You are the camp as you are in the camp." (Write the parents of GZSZActor Felix van Deventer. He throws a few tears on the campfire. And for security in front of the camera in the jungle phone again.)

And the jungle test? Shows that the self-doubts of Evelyn are unfounded. Everyone has to compete in the Coliseum, but above all one delivers. Evelyn says, "Oh my god, I already have two mosquito bites." Evelyn asks, "Can one die of it?" And Evelyn complains when moderator Daniel Hartwich asks her how bad it was to have dozens of green ants on her face: "Worse than fruit acid peeling." That alone would have earned the gladiator the full score. Because of their comrades, it will only be nine out of ten stars.

Who is out? Tommy Piper. He appeals to his fellow campers: "We do not make any big howling." So you know him: never exaggerated, always instinctual.

Set for the TV annals: "She has a natural intelligence, but of course she was not fed." (Says Peter Orloff about the low-smart diet by Evelyn Burdecki.)

Moral of the story? Children are the future, they say. The little son of actress Doreen Dietel provides the proof. He lets his mother know by letter that he is currently snowing a lot. And instead of a well-worn farewell formula, he simply speaks from the heart of a four-year-old: "Zicke zacke Pupskacke." At least one RTL editor should have become wet at this moment the eyes – if there is not the next Thorsten Legat writes.


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