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Rouen makes fashion shine in six museums

The museums of Rouen present "Fashion!" Six free exhibitions, which intelligently follow the path of clothing and its social representations, Coptic tunics from antiquity to the modernity of Paco Rabanne.

Fashion!, The time of the collections

Six free exhibitions in Rouen

Rouen (Seine-Maritime)

From our special envoy

" He is not a fashion designer, he is a metallurgist! ", Said Coco Chanel about Paco Rabanne in the 60's. Acerb's statement giving its title to an exhibition dedicated to the maker The most beautiful of these pieces are carefully presented at the Secq Tournelles Museum in Rouen, which is the largest collection of forgings world contains: 16 000 objects!

In this former church the museum thrives in corolla these subversive metal dresses: the chain mail, the evening dress called "squam" black enamelled aluminum, the silver cocktail dress that flares in an eternal twist, the dress gold and black by Brigitte Bardot, the suit imitated Shogun & # 39; s harness … Only the dress chain necklace pure gold inlaid with diamonds, the value almost unaffordable, is only present in photo, worn in May 68 by Françoise Hardy, under the supervision of two Brink agents for security reasons. Spectacular, the exhibition Paco Rabanne is just the first of a trip dedicated to fashion, to go back in time, through six museums that took their beauty from their collections.

In Elbeuf, the Fabrique des savoirs, on the site of the former textile factories Blin & Blin, illuminates the Norman woolen fabric, originally reserved for the men's wardrobe, but including Christian Dior, Guy Laroche and many others. grabbed by the XXe century to dress elegant and sporty women.

If you go further back, go to the Fine Arts Museum of Rouen to see the elegant and elegant fashion vendors & # 39; from the years 1820-1840 to rediscover. At that moment "Some flamboyant figures claim their difference: in men, Jules Barbey d & # 39; Aurevilly, in women, the Duchess de Berry"explains Commissioner Alexandra Bosc.

The romantic sensibility is revealed in extravagant silhouettes, leg sleeves, strangled sizes, "giraffe" hairstyles, wide skirts. The fabrics shine of elegance, "Indian of Rouen" with Kashmir scarves whose exoticism seduces the elites while they mark their status. " Fashion reveals the place that women, richly dressed wives from the upper middle class, assign to grisettes & # 39; of modest origin, often forced to resort to prostitution in order to survive Adds Alexandra Bosc.

Richly printed with flowers, the Normandy cotton, whose production started in the XVIIe century, discover in Corderie Vallois, another factory became a museum in Notre-Dame-de-Bondeville. With regard to jewelery, fashion objects par excellence, the Museum of Ceramics in Rouen finds its symbolic and social significance, with rare ornaments from Oceania in the shell and beautiful tiara's.

Finally, old clothing worn by Christians from Egypt to the IIIe century before our time justify the trip to Rouen. Rarely uncovered (for reasons of conservation), these Coptic tunics, mostly in linen, have survived for two millennia and seem to come straight from the pages of a Bible.

Nathalie Lacube

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