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Richterbund criticizes Chemnitz Mayor | TIME ONLINE

The German Richterbund has the mayor of Chemnitz Barbara Ludwig (SPD) warned against interfering with public statements in criminal proceedings. It would not be helpful if she publicly announced in the manslaughter case against a Syrian, an acquittal would be difficult for the city, said the director of the association, Sven Rebehn, the mirror, By doing so, she is fueling speculation about the trial and at least suggesting that politics wants to exert public pressure and influence on the court. "This weakens confidence in the work of independent justice and the rule of law," criticized Rebehn.

In the process at the district court Chemnitz is a deadly knife attack on a 35-year-old in Chemnitz negotiated. The accused, a 23-year-old asylum-seeker from Syria, has to face court action for joint manslaughter. In August 2018 should
the alleged perpetrator on the sidelines of a city festival together with a
another man to have stabbed the German cuban Daniel H.
He died immediately after the crime. Two more men are said to have been injured. The co-accused is
volatile. After the fact it was in Chemnitz
xenophobic attacks, parades of
right-wing extremists
and counter-demonstrations have come. The incidents
later contributed to the replacement of the former
Protection of the Constitution President
Hans-Georg Maassen

Mayor Ludwig had just before the trial in one
Conversation with the taz said she hopes for the family
of the victim, "that there is a conviction for the relatives to rest
In addition, she was worried about a possible
Acquittal of the defendant. "Then it would be difficult for
Chemnitz, "the SPD politician had said.

At the start of the trial last Monday, the defense had demanded that the proceedings be closed. At the same time she had questioned the independence of the court and asked for information about the judges' attitude to the refugee question. According to this, the professional and lay judges should indicate, for example, whether they are members or supporters of the AfD or the Islamophobic Pegida movement. From the point of view of the defense, there is also the suspicion that the political side has influenced the proceedings.



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