Home news Release the Vicar General of Saint-Etienne from his duties

Release the Vicar General of Saint-Etienne from his duties

Bishop Sylvain Bataille announced on Thursday, September 13, his right arm, Father Eric Molina, accused of "inappropriate gestures" and "abuse of authority and trust" on a girl.

"In the image of the universal church, our diocese must be confronted with abuses that legally many people in the church, or outside the door, scandal"regrets Bishop Sylvain Bataille.

The bishop of Saint-Étienne (Loire) has just deposed the vicar-general whom he had appointed a year ago, after the death of his predecessor, to assist him in the administration of the diocese. "At the beginning of the summer I heard that he had maintained improper relationships a few years ago and had made improper gestures of abuse of authority and trust in the context of his ministry practice, says the bishop in a letter to priests, deacons, pastoral animators and staff of his diocese, published on the site of the diocese, Thursday, September 13th.

"A person has suffered from these abuses and remains deeply hurt and bruised.It is first to her that our thoughts and our prayers disappear»he continues, adding that he has made a report to the public prosecutor. The victim, a young woman of today the greatest, "Was 17 years old at the beginning of the relationship". Today the big one, she "Rebuild itself" and because she wanted to remain absolutely anonymous, she did not want to complain to the civil court, says the diocese.

According to the bishop, the vicar-general, Father Eric Molina, acknowledged the facts and resolved this situation "In a deep concern for truth and reparation, as far as possible".

Father Bruno Cornier, new vicar general

51 years old, the priest who was parish priest of different parishes and, in this context, "Can no longer provide a service", shall "Take a step back this year for a deepening both human and spiritual"says Bishop Bataille. A canonical commission will be set up to study the future of the priest. Father Bruno Cornier was also appointed to replace him as vicar-general while he remained a priest for Sainte-Claire and Forez and Sainte-Thérèse-des-montagnes-du-soir.

In the diocese, "The shock is difficult", notes Hervé Hostein, head of communications, especially if "Father Eric was very appreciated and all radars were positive for him". Bishop Bataille, who informed his priests on Wednesday morning and the staff of the diocese on Thursday morning, "Would like to participate more than ever in the field and provide the pastoral support of this brutal news", says Hervé Hostein.

This decision comes on the day before the Permanent Council of Bishops made a statement calling on the Catholics in France to "The commitment and vigilance of everyone"and inviting "Work (the) issue of authority, wherever it occurs in the church".

Bishops of France call to "implement" Pope's letter on sexual abuse

Céline Hoyeau


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