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Recommend on Calvi. How feasible is the idea of ​​a boycott by the Americans of the economic forum in St. Petersburg?

Following the arrest of investor Michael Calvey, many experts warned that his criminal case would affect the Russian business climate, and the Financial Times newspaper on March 12 announced the first consequences: all leaders of the "largest US companies" they had interviewed, decided to skip the Petersburg Economic Forum in June. The newspaper did not disclose the names and names of the companies.

If there is a boycott, it is symbolic, it is unlikely that it will affect the economy of our country, says Sergey Hestanov, associate professor in the RANEPA stock markets department. "Economic forums, including SPIEF, have become a kind of honesty, participation in them can only demonstrate the status of an economic entity in the country. Some important agreements in these forums are almost never concluded: they are sometimes formally signed there, but decisions are made taken somewhere else and at a different time. The absence of a delegation has no effect on economic processes, "he said to" Novaya ".

Only officials or business people who have no close ties with Russia can afford such a gesture, says Alexander Ivlev, head of the CIS representation at one of the largest audit companies at Ernst & Young. He suggested that in the FT publication the quotes were taken out of context because he had never heard of American colleagues about such plans. "Each company will make an individual decision. How do you behave towards companies that have already jointly invested 80 billion dollars in the country? How do they ignore a market of 150 million people?" He said.

The Calvi case could only be one of the reasons for the absence of Americans from the SPIEF, recalled Igor Nikolayev, director of the Institute for Strategic Analysis at FBK. In the spring, Congress will consider new anti-Russian sanctions, including the revised version of Senator Graham, so that if some US business representatives still cancel the trip to St. Petersburg, it will be difficult to play the role of the prosecution from Baring Vostok. However, Nikolaev expects to see Americans on the forum: if in 2014, immediately after the annexation of the Crimea, contrary to the instructions of the United States, some business people arrived, but now they have no official restrictions.


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