Rebecca Long-Bailey in front of Keir Starmer in a new survey of Labor leadership members

Rebecca Long-Bailey was ahead of Keir Starmer in the race for Labor leadership, according to a new survey.

The survey of members of the LabourList website who are also members of the party showed the Shadow Secretary of Commerce ahead of their opponents with 42% of the first preferences.

The survey placed Keir Starmer in second place, with 37%, while Jess Phillips is in a distant third place with 9%.

Lisa Nandy ranked fourth with 7%, with Emily Thornberry, secretary of Foreign Affairs in the shade, in last place with 1%.

Pollster Survation conducted the survey, which LabourList said has been reflected to reflect membership.

But it does not include registered affiliates or supporters who pay £ 25 to vote in the contest.

Mr. Starmer’s participation in the vote increases once second preferences are taken into account, but not enough to surpass Mrs. Long-Bailey.

The survey suggests that a second-round vote, if taken tomorrow, would see Long-Bailey defeat Starmer 51% to 49%.

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But, perhaps crucially, about 34% of respondents said they had not decided who to vote for in the contest, and only 22% of those who gave a ranking of candidates said they were sure they would not change their mind.

A YouGov survey of Labor members last week showed Mr. Starmer first in both the first preferences and the final vote.

From 5pm on Tuesday, January 14 to 5pm on Thursday, January 16, people who are not full members of the party or affiliated unions can sign up to be ‘registered supporters’.

That gives them the right to vote in the contest when voting begins next month. But it has a cost: £ 25 for each registered supporter.

Union members and affiliates will have until 5pm on Monday, January 20 to sign up for a ballot.

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The rule is the same as the one used in 2016, when more than 180,000 registered supporters applied in two days.

The vote opens on Friday, February 21 and closes at 12 p. M. Thursday, April 2.

And the winner of the contest will be announced on Saturday, April 4.

With many Corbyn supporters now fully paid members, there has been a boost from centrists who quit the party to join to support candidates like Jess Phillips.

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Candidates now need to obtain the support of 5% of the electoral parties or 5% of the affiliates (unions, socialist and cooperative parties).

Those who enter the ballot will face a vote of full members, union members and registered supporters.

The LabourList / Survation survey surveyed 3,835 LabourList members who are also members of the Labor Party between January 8 and 13, 2020.


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