Racing. Macron women des gages aux nationalists


The chef of Etat in annoncé hier, in an entretien à Corse-Matin, the future preparation of an article 72-5 in the Constitution which incorporated the statutor particulier of the Collectivité de Corse, right of the author à des "Exceptions". Bilingualism will also be realized, in the municipality of une des spécialités du baccalauréat. But the president did not remember the co-official nature of the course: "There are still some officers in the Republic. » By intolerably accepting one of the three requests of the nationalists (the inscription in the Constitution) and partly the other (the langue), Emmanuel Macron reads as a result of his visit to the island, the maintenance, in the council great debates. But for the moment, the absence of satisfactory repetitions on the issue of the release of "political" prisoners, south of the autonomy of the whole country, exercises the island and south of the fuel tax, action " Isula dead »(île morte).