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Races, cleaning, toilets … More than 40% of people over 75 years of age get help at home every day

Older people are helped at home by their families and professionals. – Fred TANNEAU / AFP

Who supports the addiction? To stay at home as long as possible, about 21% of people over 60 are helped for essential everyday activities. Half of this aid is provided by professionals, according to a study by the Drees published this Friday. Unsurprisingly, the rate of recourse to external help
It increases with age: it is less than 10% for the most "young" (60 to 74 years old), most often the races or the household, but exceeds 40% after 75 years.

"The more the level of dependence increases, the less the help of the entourage alone is enough to cope with the multiplicity of difficulties experienced by the senior," observes the statistical service of social ministries, which led this study in 2015 by interviewing about 15,000 people .

A family and professional assistant

Thus, among those who get help, the most autonomous are 58% to solicit only their family or friends, and 20% to combine family and professional help. On the other hand, among the most dependent, "professional help becomes necessary to perform increasingly complex acts: toilet, dressing …", so that 77% are helped by both their loved ones and professionals.

But only 4% are assisted only by professionals, "which is probably indicative of the difficulty of keeping at home the most dependent people without help from those around them," note the authors of the study. In the under-75 age group, 61% of the seniors helped by at least one spouse, and at least 33% by their children. For children over 75, children become the main caregivers (63%), ahead of the spouse (29%).

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