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Protection of the Constitution – Supervision in the nursery – Politics

  • According to Minister of the Interior Seehofer, the protection of the constitution should be able to supervise young people under the age of 14 in the future.
  • The focus of attention is on the digital places where the young people are: messenger services and gaming platforms.
  • According to the Ministry of the Interior, there should be around ten monitoring per year.

From Constanze von Bullion, Berlin

Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) wants to reform the constitution protection law, but at the same time dispel fears that the state is penetrating ever deeper into the private lives of its citizens. In order to be able to ward off terrorism, but also right-wing and left-wing extremism earlier, lawmakers should be allowed online searches on smartphones and computers. So far, only the Federal Criminal Police Office. The infiltration of messenger services and gaming platforms must be the service, it was said on Tuesday in the Federal Ministry of the Interior. Particularly controversial is the project to save data from children under 14 years in the protection of the Constitution. So far, this is only allowed for adolescents over 16 years.

"In our experience, more and more children and young people, for example, in the jihadist environment on the way," said the Secretary of State in the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Hans-Georg Engelke, on Tuesday in Berlin. He referred to the "significant number" of children and adolescents whose parents had radicalized or affiliated with the Islamic State terrorist militia. More than 300 such children are said to be in the war zones in Syria or born there. "Maybe these children will come back," says Engelke. In order to protect her from radicalization by her parents, the protection of the Constitution must be able to pass on information to the youth welfare service.

Right-wing extremism New head of the constitution protection promises stronger fight against right

New intelligence chief promises stronger fight against the right

The number of agents who are dedicated to right-wing extremism should be significantly increased, says Haldenwang in the SZ interview. Also about the handling of the AfD the protection of the constitution should decide soon.By Ferdos Forudastan and Ronen Steinke, Berlin

The reason given was the case of a twelve-year-old, who is said to have planned an attack in Ludwigshafen with a self-built, unsuitable bomb. In another case, the father of a child is a threat. So far, the Office of the Protection of the Constitution may not store data from children digitally in such cases. In the future, this should be possible for a period of two years. By the deadline, clerks should be automatically reminded to investigate the case. Depending on whether the minor is still conspicuous, the record can then be deleted or saved again.

The domestic spokesman for the SPD in the Bundestag, Burkhard Lischka, called the project "completely inacceptable" for his party. "Children do not radicalise themselves in a vacuum, but in a family environment, from which they have to be solved and cared for accordingly." This was not the task of the constitution protection, but the youth welfare offices.

Already in the coalition agreement it was agreed to standardize the powers of the constitution protection "especially in the data collection and data storage". A representative of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution called it on Tuesday overdue to draw technologically with extremists. They knew exactly that the constitutional protection could hear telephone conversations, but in messenger services like Whatsapp but should not penetrate. The phone would therefore often deliberately harmless conversations conducted, the operational planning for attacks, however, moved to chat rooms, right-wing extremists like on gaming platforms. Here the constitutional protection remains blind.

The Green politician Konstantin von Notz turned against the planned online surveillance. "The service needs modern resources, but they have to be constitutional and there are massive doubts," he told the SZ. To promote Trojans on the phones of extremists, the state must buy security holes on the black market. "It is precisely these gaps that can then be used by criminals, potentially threatening the IT security of 80 million citizens, businesses, the free press and government institutions." This was "manifestly disproportionate".

Security Policy Ministry of the Interior wants to have constitutional protection read on Whatsapp

Ministry of the Interior wants to have constitutional protection read on Whatsapp

According to a report, the intelligence services are to receive new powers. Even under 14-year-olds should be spied on. The draft is likely to encounter rejection, especially at the SPD.



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