Prosecutors and attorneys at Harvey Weinstein discuss open jury selection


NEW YORK – The Harvey Weinstein’s sexual crimes trial resumed on Tuesday with a new skirmish between defense attorneys and prosecutors about Weinstein’s legal team’s effort to conduct a closed jury investigation.

Prosecutors presented a letter to Judge James Burke of a lawyer representing the mainstream media arguing against Weinstein’s previous motion that he sought to “direct individualized and abducted dire”, a step that would effectively seal the selection of the jury of the public view, according to the document obtained by USA TODAY.

Weinstein’s motion must be denied, prosecutor Joan Illuzzi argued in her own letter, saying Weinstein’s lawyers did not cite the relevant precedents of the court to support her motion to close the selection of the jury to the public and the media.

The lawyer representing the media, Katherine Bolger, also argued that there is no legal basis to close the courtroom.

“On the one hand, Weinstein cannot seriously claim that publicity threatens his right to a fair trial,” his letter said. “In fact, his lawyer Donna Rotunno said in a CNN interview on June 3 that he thought the publicity about the case would be helpful to Mr. Weinstein.

“In fact, both Weinstein and his legal team have tried to present their case through the media” in interviews in the months before the trial.

Weinstein, dressed in a black suit, shook his head while speaking in court with a defense attorney, Damon Cheronis. He raised his hands as he spoke and seemed animated.

The selection of the jury continued on Tuesday, as the judge examined 110 potential new jurors on whether they could be impartial in the case. One woman said she used to work at Weinstein’s Miramax studio, but that she could be impartial; Another man said he doesn’t know Weinstein personally, but he has seen him “on the phone yelling at someone” on “several occasions” in New York, and therefore it can’t be fair.


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