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Prosecutor is asked to check the statements of Dmitry Bykov

Bloggers, who call themselves carriers of patriotic views, appeal en masse to the prosecutor's office and the investigation committee with a request to check the statements of Dmitry Bykov about General Andrei Vlasov and the Second World War.

During his meeting in St. Petersburg in December at the Amateur Readings conference, Bykov said that he intended to write a book about General Andrej Vlasov, commander of the Russian Liberation Army during the Second World War, who was in the post-war Soviet Union was condemned and executed for treason. According to Bykov, the only real patriot is someone who is absolutely orthogonal in contradiction with Russian patriotism today. Today patriot means being a Russophobe.

Moreover, Bykov said that the Nazi extermination of Jews alienated important parts of Soviet society from supporting Hitler during the Second World War:

Unfortunately, the Russian civil war of the 1940s almost included the mass extermination of the Jews. And those who were going to live in free Russia, liberated by the Nazis, agreed that the Jews had been completely exterminated in the area controlled by the Nazis. At that price, I think no one was ready to buy Russian happiness.

You can view the full version here:

Ural blogger Sergei Kolyasnikov, known for his pro-Soviet positions, has created a template to appeal to the Attorney General with a request to check the writer's statements, in which he shows signs of violations of Article 354.1 of the Code of Criminal Law of the Russian Federation "Rehabilitation of Nazism" saw.

According to the TV channel "Tsargrad", "users of social networks staged a kind of flash crowd, filling up an online reception with complaints demands to bring the poet Dmitry Bykov to justice." A number of pro-Kremlin media channels also criticized Bykov, for example Komsomolskaya Pravda.

Dmitry Moiseenko, a member of the Krasnoyarsk Regional Committee of the Communists of the Russian Party, an associate professor at the Siberian Federal University, wrote a statement to the Commission of Inquiry of Bykov, reports Sibir.Reialii.

Users of social networks leave several comments about this. There are those who support Dmitry Moiseenko. Others call his statement to the Commission of Inquiry a "conviction." Some point to the fact that the declaration that became the reason for the declaration was taken from the context of Bykov's full statement, and that the quotations in the appeal to the department were incorrectly worded. At the same time, later in the same speech, Bykov said that Hitlerism is in fact "zoological nationalism". And the Soviet people defeated fascism thanks to the spirit of internationalism & # 39 ;.

Bykov himself had previously explained his statement, stating Echo of Moscow, that it was devoted to the problem of the civil war in Russia, which according to the writer remains in one form or another in society:Russia is constantly coming back to this, constantly repeating the revolution, constantly in a state of civil war. And all the time for a remake. Let us find the way of life in which collective work, not collective destruction, could be our main activity. To do this, some basic things must agree and alone".

Bykov has not yet responded to the last wave of appeals to the public prosecutor's office. The situation has not yet been commented on by officials, including representatives of the prosecutor general's office.

  • Dmitry Bykov – writer, poet, essayist, author of literary biographies of Boris Pasternak and Bulat Okudzhava. He was a member of the organizing committee of the demonstration "For Fair Elections" in 2011-12.
  • In 2015, the Dozhd TV channel was excluded from a number of cable networks following an investigation into the Leningrad blockade that appeared on its Twitter. A number of officials spoke strongly on the channel.


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