"Probably the best day in Trump's term" | TIME ONLINE


After nearly two years of work, 2,800 subpoenas and hundreds of search warrants seem to be certain: Donald Trump and his team did not work with Russia in the 2016 US elections. This is the result of the summary of Special Rapporteur Robert Mueller's final report – and a major victory for the President for most of the US press.

From the perspective of New York Times It could be the best day in Trump's term. The Russia investigation had been the "darkest, most ominous cloud over his presidency," the daily writes in a commentary. The report has now been repealed – and this "encourages the President for the coming battles, including his campaign for re-election".

Also the Washington Post sees in the preliminary result of the investigations a reinforcement of Trump for the presidential election 2020. His "defiant mantra 'No agreement!' became a battle cry for his re-election "and was a" clear political victory "for the president. The findings thus supported Trump's longstanding stance on the Russia investigation and "reflect his belief that the Washington establishment wants to get him".

Also the Los Angeles Times sees a clear victory for Trump. However, the report is not a "total relief", as the US President, it represents. "There is a long list of reasons why we believe that Trump is inappropriate for the presidency and dangerous to the country, the only thing we know now is that cooperation with Russia is no longer there."

"We should celebrate the defeat of Hillary Clinton"

The US news channel CNN speaks of a "political gift" for Trump. According to these findings, he may now be able to leave behind an intrigue that has restricted him since the beginning of his term. But that can only be said if the report by Mueller should be fully published. "It is still possible that Trump committed serious ethical violations that could have affected the course of a close election."

The tabloid New York Post speaks of a "great news, not just for Republicans and Trump supporters". Any American can now enjoy the fact that the US has been "confirmed as the shining city on the hill of all humanity". The result of the final report was worth a celebration, also because it is now clear that Hillary Clinton "has misled the country with the Russian conspiracy". That was not only expensive for the US, but also burdened international relations.