‘Pretty big storm’ heading to N.L. it could fall heavy snow from Thursday

A storm is heading towards the island of Newfoundland, bringing strong winds and the possibility of a large snow discharge.

Justin Boudreau, a meteorologist at the Gander weather office in Environment Canada, said it’s still too early to know exactly how the storm will affect Newfoundland or where it will hit.

At this point, it seems that it will track directly over the Avalon Peninsula or just to the southeast. However, the effects will be felt throughout the island to a varying degree.

“It’s a pretty big storm,” Boudreau told San Juan morning show. “I have been saying a widespread species of 15 to 30 centimeters, with perhaps up to 40-60 in some lucky area between the two main cities.”

Current projections show that it could last until Friday and possibly persist until Saturday.

Environment Canada did not issue any weather statements until Tuesday morning, but Boudreau said he would wait one later in the day.

Depending on the path of the storm, strong winds and rain could also hamper parts of the island.

“I guess I have seen three different solutions, from late at night until the beginning of this morning. It has changed all the time,” Boudreau said.

As the people of Newfoundland collectively expect it to become a failure, Boudreau said people should at least be prepared for strong winds in north-facing communities from the Bay of Farms to St. John’s.

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