Home news Presidential election 2020: This woman wants to challenge Trump

Presidential election 2020: This woman wants to challenge Trump

  • As the fourth woman, Kamala Harris declares that she wants to apply for the presidential nomination for the US Democrats.
  • The senator chooses a historic date.
  • Some compare the daughter of a Jamaican and an Indian already with Barack Obama.

US Senator Kamala Harris has become the fourth woman from the ranks of opposition Democrats to declare her candidacy for her party's 2020 presidential election. The 54-year-old belongs to the growing field of Democrats who want to challenge Republican incumbent Donald Trump next year.

In a video, Harris justified her application by stating that the American values ​​of truth, justice, decency, equality, freedom and democracy are at stake. Harris is the second black American in history to be elected to the US Senate. There, the former prosecutor represents the state of California since 2017.

For the announcement of their application Harris chose the Martin Luther King Day, a historic date. On the national holiday is thought in the US of the black civil rights activist, who was murdered in 1968. In addition, Harris pointed out that 47 years ago, Shirley Chisholm became the first black woman in US history to apply for presidency.

After two years in the Senate, she applies for the highest state office

In her career, the daughter of a Jamaican and an Indian has already made for herself some premieres. In 2003, she became a district attorney in San Francisco – the first black woman to do so in California. In 2010 she was promoted to Attorney General of California – the first woman ever.

The Washington Post According to some, some already refer to her as a female version of Barack Obama – because of her immigrant background, but also because he also applied for the presidency after two years in the US Senate. In the chamber Harris has already drawn attention to himself – for example, with sharp demands in the affair of the Constitutional judge Brett Kavanaugh.

A CNN survey concludes that Harris still lacks prominence. As a result, they did not know about half of Americans in September. But this should change during the soon-to-start election campaign. Harris has announced that she will hold her first rally in her hometown of Oakland, California.

The New York Times writes that Harris could be a kind of "bridge" for democratic voters. She has good connections with both the party's pragmatic and leftist groups. In addition, she set with her 54 years of some much older potential candidates – such as the over-70 -year-Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders – clearly from.

Prior to Harris, several Democrats have already announced their candidacy for candidacy, including three women: Senators Kirsten Gillibrand and Elizabeth Warren, and Congressman Tulsi Gabbard. The candidate of the party is filtered out in a nationwide pre-election process. In 2016, Hillary Clinton was a candidate of the Democrats, she lost the election against Trump.

Politics United States The Democratic candidate field is growing

US presidential election 2020

The candidate field of the Democrats is growing

Who can beat Donald Trump? The US Democrats have to clarify that by the middle of next year at the latest. Now, two contenders from the back row have underlined their ambitions, including one of Obama's former ministers.


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