Home news President Bouteflika promises constitutional reform | TIME ONLINE

President Bouteflika promises constitutional reform | TIME ONLINE

Algeria's president Abdelaziz Bouteflika has comprehensive reforms and a new one
promised political system. The constitution of the country should
fundamentally changed, according to a written message from Bouteflika. The delegated National People's Assembly, the lower house of the parliament, should come together as soon as possible and that
integrate broad political spectrum. Finally, the people in one
Referendum on the Constitution.

The Algerian
Unions do not go far enough with the president's promise. "We
will not talk to this system. We belong to the
People, and the people have rejected the system, "one of the union leaders said
Education area, Boualem Amora. A total of 13 independent
Trade unions turned against Bouteflika's plans.

For a month, parts of the population have been demonstrating against their president and
its closest circle. The protests had followed the announcement of the
sick Bouteflikas, in April for a fifth term
to run for office. After the return of a two-week
Hospitalization in Geneva had Bouteflika in response to the protests for a fifth term
but at the same time for April planned presidential election to indefinite
Time shifted.
He will stay in office until further notice.

Bouteflika is 20 years old
Years in power. He's been sitting for a while
Stroke in a wheelchair and has big problems speaking. In the
He hardly shows himself public anymore.


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