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With the Expo of the Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association (CEDIA) less than a month away, Innovative Properties Worldwide (IPW) has announced that its new magazine, Residential Tech Today, has officially become a media partner of CEDIA. It will be launched at the San Diego trade fair on 4-9 September.

Residential Tech Today will contain smart home technology and installation, an industry that has exploded in the five years since CEDIA and IPW first worked together, through IPW's award-winning flagship publication, Innovation & Tech Today.

"We are very pleased with the collaboration with CEDIA on Residential Tech Today," said Charles Warner, CEO of IPW. "We have been building this point for five years, where we have seen the progress of the residential technology market as the" hot new tech fad "to a large part of most of our lives, and our team have developed to take this step forward and we will become a primary voice of the market for companies, integrators and consumers. "

Residential Tech Today will focus on the residential and light commercial market. It will be a bimonthly print and digital magazine with six different theme issues per year. It is being hammered by Executive Editor Jeremy Glowacki, former editor in chief of residential systems, Systems Contractor News and TWICE.

"Before I came to Residential Tech Today, I had to be convinced that what we were doing was going to stand out: IPW's proof of concept is Innovation & Tech Today, a beautiful publication with astonishing shelf life and insightful, entertaining editorial content. With Residential Tech Today, we will focus more on the traditional CEDIA channel without losing the potential for a broader reach to a global readership that goes beyond the traditional core of the industry, "said Glowacki.

CEDIA President and CEO Tabatha O & # 39; Connor added: "Jeremy is one of the most supportive and expert editors in the industry and we look forward to working with him and the Residential Tech Today Team."

Residential Tech Today offers insights into residential and light commercial tech trends, frank interviews with influencers in the field and best practices in the field of do-it-yourselfers, along with a look into the world of residential technology seen through the eyes of the entertainment industry. It will be directed to and distributed to high-end consumers, CEDIA integrators, architects, interior designers, luxury makers and tech enthusiasts via IPW's B2B and B2C distribution channels and event partnerships.

IPW is proud to produce ultra-premium printed magazines with the appearance of a coffee table book. Residential Tech Today will be distributed via kiosks, to paid subscribers worldwide, to private companies and through high-profile events such as CEDIA. Residential Tech Today also collaborates with CEDIA to share best practices for integration and white papers online with a global audience.

CEDIA Media Partner, Residential Tech Today provides a special online area for CEDIA content – available only to CEDIA members.

Residential Tech Today is the newest member of the Innovative Properties Worldwide series of innovative publications. Based in Denver, with satellite offices in Tampa, FL, Indianapolis, IN and Carlsbad, CA, IPW also publishes STEM Today, Sustainability Today, Cannabis & Tech Today and the flagship publication Innovation & Tech Today. IPW's editorial and production team are all award-winning journalists and designers, with many years of experience in their field.

For more information, contact Jeremy Glowacki at (317) 379-5630. For ads, events and editorial partnerships with Residential Tech Today, call Charles Warner at (720) 476-4920 or visit https://digital.restechtoday.com/. Subscriptions can be purchased at https://digital.restechtoday.com/subscribe/

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