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Power struggle in Caracas: Venezuela's opponents are ready to talk

Given the situation in Venezuela, head of state Nicolás Maduro and the self-proclaimed
Interim President Juan Guaidó signals willingness to engage in dialogue. Of their
 However, both contracting parties did not relinquish their claim to power. "I am
ready for dialogue, negotiation, an agreement, "Maduro said
however, the legitimate president of the country and wants to govern until 2025.

 Antagonist Guaidó closed an amnesty for himself in a TV interview
Maduro and his closest staff are not – if the
Socialist voluntarily clears the field. "The amnesty is on the table.
The guarantees apply to all who are willing to join the side of
Constitution and the constitutional order
Guaidó told broadcaster Univision.

Mexico agreed to mediate in the political crisis. But the conflicting parties would have to enter first
request, said Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador. The talks about a peaceful solution of the
Power struggles could then take place in his country.

Opposition in Venezuela Capital Caracas appealed to their supporters to maintain pressure.
"Real change is closer than many think," said MEP Lester Toledo of Guaidó's Voluntad Popular party. Guaidó called his
Followers on Friday to a rally in the opposition
dominated district Chacao in Caracas. However, he showed himself
also worried about his safety. "It could be me today
arrest. Venezuela knows that and the world knows that, "he said in an interview.

Maas supports request for urgency meeting of UN

The German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas supported during his visit to the
United Nations in New York the request of the US, already at this
Saturday to convene an emergency meeting on the subject. But it is
It is still unclear whether the veto powers China and Russia agree.

 does not assume that it comes on when the meeting comes about
Immediately give concrete results. Should the session
will be held, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo
take part. Maas also reserves the right to participate. He wanted the
await further development and engage with the European partners
vote, he said. Germany is for two since January 1
Years of one of the ten changing members of the UN Security Council, there are also five permanent seats.

EU prepares call for urgent elections in Venezuela

The EU wants to win the crisis
Pressure on Maduro increase and immediately new elections
demand. A joint statement by the 28 Member States
are currently being voted on, said EU diplomats AFP. It was still unclear whether the Union wants to recognize Guaidó as president of Venezuela, Maduró should reject new elections. The federal government had previously stated that it should consider recognizing Guaidó as head of state
not promptly give fair and free elections.

The situation in Venezuela is causing great concern to the federal government, said government spokesman Steffen Seibert. "The call of millions in Venezuela
 after democracy, after the possibility of the fate of their country in
free and fair elections must no longer be ignored
The National Assembly, headed by Guaidó, has a special role to play: the US and a number
 other western and Latin American states had Guaidó
previously recognized as head of government.

On Wednesday, parliamentary leader Guaidó was the interim president
Venezuela declares and President Maduro open with it
challenged. After that there were many people again
 against the socialist government of Maduro on the
 Road gone.


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