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Please do not Brexit! | TIME ONLINE

The conservative columnist Peter Oborne writes for the British newspaper "Daily Mail", previously working for years for the "Spectator" and the "Daily Telegraph". He is campaigning to make meaningful use of the EU's additional Brexit deadline – and to blow it off.

Almost three years ago, I worked for the United Kingdom and Gibraltar European Union membership referendum voted. In the meantime I have to
      Admit: The project is not working so well.

Brexit has disabled us. He has turned Britain into a laughingstock. He certainly made us poorer, reduced income and cost jobs.

We followers of Brexit would be well advised to admit that. Nobody will ever forgive us if we leave the EU and things go wrong. Future generations will condemn us.

Therefore, as a follower of Brexit, I advise you to breathe deeply, swallow our pride and think. About the whole Brexit decision in itself.

Europe has just given us the chance to think again and again about everything. The EU Council President Donald Tusk gave us a year to do that. A kind of sabbatical. That's good, because we're talking about the biggest decision here, with the most significant long-term consequences a British post-war government ever had to make.

If we leave the EU, we want a reasonable Brexit. But this is not possible with the currently so chaotic and hysterical Westminster, Parliament. The deputies can no longer, the Cabinet members also not, the Prime Minister – which I consider a heroine – I give only a few weeks.

Theresa May has last turned into a kind
a person who is constantly changing her shape, as one from the
terminatorKnows movies. She is desperately changing from one Brexit model to the next. She has shown immense strength and determination, but there is a moment in life when determination turns into madness. Then you better give up.

On the other hand, I find that Theresa May's resignation announcement has made things worse. The Cabinet is now running a race for leadership. The final decision will be made by 100,000 members of the Conservative Party. This means that for the time being, the candidates for future leadership do not think about the welfare of the entire nation. They want to please a small electorate that has also been infiltrated by the Eurosceptic Ukip party and that does not represent the majority of Tory voters. Certainly not the British people.

It is practically agreed that the next head of the Tories will tear down any pact made by Theresa May, no matter how meaningful and well-intentioned he may be. Then follows another years of war of attrition Europe, Does anyone want that?

We Brexit supporters must admit that the economic arguments in favor of the withdrawal have been serially invalidated. The 2016 campaign claimed that the UK economy was being held back by EU membership and that it could survive and thrive outside. That can not be sustained anymore.

Investment-driven growth has collapsed. Nissan has given up its plans to build one of its flagship vehicles in Sunderland. In January, electronics giant Sony announced it would move its headquarters from London to Amsterdam. Panasonic did the same in August.

The Japanese financial firms Nomura, Sumitomo Mitsui and Daiwa have all made it clear that they want to move to other European cities. Honda closes its factory in Swindon. Sad also the news from Airbus, a particularly successful pan-European industrial cooperation.

It has become painful to even open the financial pages in the newspaper.

But is that really all about Brexit – or not, as some of its supporters say?



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