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Pizzorno's agents on strike for a week, negotiations stalled

Illustration of garbage cans piled up in Lyon. CYRIL VILLEMAIN / 20 MINUTES – C. VILLEMAIN / 20 MINUTES

  • After the dustmen of the metropolis who ended their strike Friday, private agents continue their mobilization in Lyon.
  • Since the beginning of the social conflict, negotiations have stalled according to Solidaires Rhône.

One week they have stopped working, garbage bins are piling up in some neighborhoods and negotiations are stalling. This Tuesday morning, the dust collectors of Pizzorno environment, subcontractor of the metropolis responsible for collecting on a part of the cities of
Lyon, Villeurbanne, Bron and Vaulx-en-Velin, began their eighth day of strike. Gathered in front of the depot of Vénissieux, where 90%
agents are mobilized according to the Solidaires Union of the Rhone, the strikers, joined by some "yellow vests" and trade unionists, received this Tuesday the visit of policemen, called by the direction.

"While the police intervene, trucks driven by temporary workers, some of whom hired only for the strike, went out to ensure the collection, annoys a union representative of Solidaires Rhône. This is an obstacle to the exercise of the strike and this raises questions about the safety of these temporary workers. Doing this job of garbage man is not invented. Being alone behind a truck to unload the bins or know the tours, it learns.

"No beginning of proposal from management"

For the strikers, mobilized for a salary increase of 300 euros net and improved working conditions, this management of the conflict does not bode well. "We are in a week of strikes, garbage piles are piling up and there is not the slightest suggestion from the management. It's amazing, "says the union. On Wednesday, the movement of employees of Vénissieux should be addressed during the social and economic council of Pizzorno programmed at the headquarters of the company in Draguignan (Var).

On Thursday, striker garbage workers have planned to meet at 5 pm in front of the metropolis of Lyon. "As a client, the city has its responsibility," according to strikers who invite residents, exhausted by the strike, to participate in the rally.

Management ensures that collection is assured

Pizzorno Environnement's management said in a statement on Monday that "the demands made were in no way relayed by the other trade union centers". "These by their knowledge of the activity and the permanent dialogue with the management allowed in particular the realization of 29 collective agreements over the last two years," adds the company that describes the Union syndicale solidaires as "minority".

While recalling "its willingness to dialogue with its employees," the management ensures that collection services in Lyon, Bron, Villeurbanne and Vaulx-en-Velin "are largely provided by non-striking staff."

The strike of Pizzorno's agents was launched on April 2 in the midst of the social conflict of the city's garbage collectors. The latter resumed work last Friday after 17 days of mobilization and an agreement reached with the teams of David Kimelfeld, the president of it.


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