Peter MacKay prepares to enter the conservative leadership career today


Peter MacKay will confirm that he is jumping into conservative leadership with a tweet later today, CBC News confirmed.

MacKay is expected to formally launch its campaign by the end of next week.

The tweet will publicly confirm the work that has been going on behind the scenes for some time. MacKay has recruited former conservative parliamentarian Alex Nuttall as his campaign manager. Michael Diamond, who led the PC leadership campaign of Ontario Prime Minister Doug Ford, is its communications director.

MacKay will appear to lead the party he helped create. He took the reins of the Progressive Conservative Party and quickly merged it with the Stephen Harper Canadian Alliance to form the Conservative Party in 2003.

And he might end up running against a former political mentor, Jean Charest.

More to come …

MacKay joins Marilyn Gladu as the second conservative to formally point out that they are entering the race.


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