Pelosi takes advantage of the diverse team of political trial managers with legal credentials

And on Wednesday, it was up to Mr. Nadler, who obtained his law degree by attending evening courses while serving in the New York State Assembly, overseeing Wednesday’s debate on the resolution that formally approved the administrators of the indictment, allowing the articles of the accusation to be sent to the Senate. Behind him sat Mrs. Pelosi, Mr. Schiff and the other managers: Mr. Jeffries, Representatives Val B. Demings of Florida, Jason Crow of Colorado, Zoe Lofgren of California and Sylvia R. Garcia of Texas.

Ms. Lofgren is the only House Democrat who has participated in the last three presidential political trial processes, having worked as a committee assistant during proceedings against Richard M. Nixon and served on the Judiciary Committee during the political trial. from Bill Clinton. And although Ms. Demings has no formal background as a lawyer, she was the first woman to be a police chief in Orlando, Florida, and is part of the Intelligence and Judicial Committees, which gives her an important position to participate in the trial. political. investigation.

The two first-year legislators appointed to the group, Ms. Garcia and Mr. Crow, provide critical insights on the arguments to dismiss Mr. Trump. Ms. Garcia, one of the first two Latina women to represent Texas in Congress, was a former judge, while Mr. Crow, a former ranger and army litigator, considers herself an authority on national security matters, that are at the heart of the Democratic Argument for Trump’s impeachment.

And Mr. Schiff, a former federal prosecutor in Los Angeles who secured the conviction against F.B.I. Agent, won his seat by defeating James E. Rogan, a Republican who had served as political trial manager at the Clinton trial in 1999. In a peculiarity of the story, Mr. Rogan’s predecessor had also worked on an investigation of political judgment, about the theft of Watergate that led to Nixon’s resignation.

Ms. Pelosi began holding individual meetings with legislators this month to assess her interest in the role of manager, according to a person familiar with the meetings but not authorized to discuss them publicly. He called the majority of the group on Tuesday to inform them of their selection, and then met with the entire group privately on Wednesday morning.

“It’s about protecting the Constitution,” Ms. Demings told reporters as she left the press conference. “I have made four oaths in my life, two as an agent of the law and two here, and I take them very, very seriously.”

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