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Pedrolo: five novels (1972)

In the course of the current year and the past, Manuel de Pedrolo has published five novels, none of which have been written, with which we take a new step towards the full knowledge of our & # 39; writer iceberg & # 39 ;. Fortunately, the novelist with a very good judgment usually writes the date of writing at the end of his books, essential data for a thorough knowledge of a large and varied work, published with much delay and disorderly, both for editorial and administrative reasons. The five titles that now appear are arranged according to their writing date: Well pams the terra, Cops from bec to Pasadena, Introducció a l & # 39; ombra, Adjust the ratlla, Des d & # 39; uns ulls the dona. […] The last five novels by Pedrolo are a new focus on his work. Tasis, who is always a & # 39; fan & # 39; of the writer, reminded us in the prologue Cendra per Martina that in 1954 he considered "the most important Catalan writer of the continent", a statement related to that of Biographical dictionary (1969), for which, in 1957 – three years later than Tasis, therefore – "Pedrolo yes lay in the whole of the Catalan narrative of the tots-els temps". Dogmatisms are bad, but you can be dishonest because of the urge to avoid them: for Pedrolo, if you get to know a larger percentage of his work, you should fold as the most important shared value of the current Catalan story, and this undoubtedly does not a simple matter of quantity. Along with him, even partially rising above him, there is some isolated work – Rodoreda – and some sort of romanist cycle, certainly capital – Villalonga – but no other author can offer his joint wealth, or even an average quality that is so high held by so many pages. .

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