Party approves concept: CSU progress in climate protection


As the first party of the large coalition, the CSU has adopted a climate concept. A "climate plan instead of climate ideology" said party leader Söder and could not resist a sideways battle against the Greens.

The new "climate strategy" of the CSU has been decided. The party's board unanimously approved the newspaper during its retreat to Lake Starnberg. With this concept, the CSU now wants to enter the decisive phase of coalition consultation on a large climate protection package.

Incentives instead of CO2 tax

The key idea is to encourage more climate protection instead of, for example, introducing a CO2 tax. Among other things, the CSU wants to strongly promote the purchase of energy-saving fridges, washing machines or dryers: anyone who grows energy-efficient household appliances must be reimbursed 20 percent of the tax costs in the future. It is also intended to promote energy-efficient renovation of owner-occupied homes and the replacement of old heating systems.

Party leader Markus Söder relies on the realization of many of these ideas for climate protection in the large coalition in Berlin. "I think there are good chances."

Climate protection as a "participation project"

Söder now sees his party as a new pioneer in climate protection policy – also for the Greens. The Greens were currently & # 39; as intellectual sparring partners in climate protection & # 39 ;, Söder said. On the other hand, the CSU now has a comprehensive concept that uses climate protection with reason, a "climate plan instead of climate ideology". The CSU works "climate protection with an open heart and sharp mind". The guiding motive is to combine climate and economy and to make climate protection a "real participatory project". That is why people want to work with incentives and innovations, not with prohibitions. "We are reviving an original DNA of the CSU."

CSU country group leader Alexander Dobrindt also said: "We have been setting the public debate for months with our contributions to climate protection." The CSU is "a pioneer and a pioneer" – they combine climate protection and the economy "together into a package of the future".

Criticism of the SPD

On the other hand, criticism came from the SPD. "Even if the blacks now turn green, they remain the extended branch of the industry," says the SPD leader of Bavaria, Natascha Kohnen. "The CSU promises subsidies for a couple, topped with a catalog of wishes. Whoever decides such an article not only ignores the climate crisis, but simply regards it as a fashion theme." In particular, the tax deduction for household appliances would not help people who earn little. "Because they don't pay taxes or have no money for new fridges and washing machines."

The Union and the SPD want to complete an important climate protection package until a meeting of the climate cabinet on 20 September. A week earlier, the leaders of the black-red coalition want to explore compromise paths – the SPD has so far called for an increase in energy taxes.

Tagesschau24 reported on this subject on September 7, 2019 at 3:00 PM.



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