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Parliament. Towards a referendum on the sale of ADP

The parliamentarians who fought the privatization of Aéroports de Paris at the National Assembly and the Senate do not intend to resolve it. Yesterday, the elected officials of the PS announced that they had received the necessary number of signatures to request the organization of a joint initiative referendum (RIP) on the topic. "This is the first in our country. It's a bit of a leap into the unknown!" Deputy Valerie Rabault (PS) excites. "When national interest is at stake, political divisions can be put aside," Senator Patrick Kanner (PS) said, while 218 parliamentarians from all political parties, left and right, joined the process. Their text must now be presented to the Constitutional Council, which will verify its conformity, and then collect the support of 10% of the electorate, around 4.5 million signatures of citizens, to be put to the vote during a RIP. "Our position is not an ideological position against privatization," notes Gilles Carrez (LR). But the MP is more than ever against the government's plan based on the fact that ADP is a monopoly, that the privatization of highways in 2005 turned into a fiasco, and that it is "convinced that private management will lead to privilege international connections to the detriment of internal lines ", thus deteriorating the planning of the territory.

"It is an economic and strategic mistake"

In their diversity, the parliamentarians PS, LR and PCF of the Assembly and the Senate, in addition to the deputies FI and LT and the senators RDSE and UC, as well as the elected members not registered, support this referendum project. They have already voted together against the privatization of ADP during the examinations that have taken place so far in the various chambers. "This privatization is a budgetary and strategic error, as well as a threat to our national company", outraged Stéphane Peu (PCF). "We all oppose together, with the same arguments. We cannot distinguish between us," adds Éric Coquerel (FI), LR deputies, having the time hesitant to build such a broad battle front. But everyone believes that ADP cannot be sold privately for seventy years, even though its business is in the public interest, as well as providing significant benefits to the state. It remains to await the decision of the Constitutional Council, knowing that any law promulgated – which is not yet the case with the law on the pact – cannot be challenged in the wake of a referendum. "It will therefore be necessary to conduct a major campaign in the field to collect signatures", Stéphane Peu already designs.


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