Home news Paris police prefect deposed after riots | TIME ONLINE

Paris police prefect deposed after riots | TIME ONLINE

The French government wants to under the riots again
ban certain yellow-West demonstrations in the future.
Should be again extreme riots, you will be in the of the
Violence hitherto most affected areas do not protest
Prime Minister Édouard Philippe announced. The
are about the Champs-Élysées in Paris, the place Pey-Berland in
 Bordeaux and the Place du Capitole in Toulouse. At the same time, the right to demonstrate should continue to be protected. In addition, the government increases the fine for participation in unauthorized demonstrations up to 135 euros instead of previously a maximum of 38 euros.

The violence in recent protests also has human consequences. The Paris police prefect Michel Delpuech will be replaced, said Philippe. The
Council of Ministers will officially become the prefect of the
Départements Gironde, Didier Lallement, appoint as successors. Philippe spoke of serious "failures" in the police last weekend.

In Paris, for a long time speculated about a recall Delpuechs. He's been battered since rioters smeared the triumphal arch in December and devastated numerous stores on the Champs-Elysées. On the weekend, the violence was again directed against business: violent offenders set them partially on fire, it came again to looting.

 Philippe had already admitted errors on Sunday on the security concept. At the
 On Saturday, there were heavy riots in the yellow-voted protests around the Champs-Elysées –
Restaurants were devastated, shops plundered, cars and newsstands
 set on fire.

The French insurance industry estimates the damage caused by violence since the beginning of the protests about four months ago to about 170 million euros. The riots on Saturday are not yet included, said the association FFA. Accordingly, around 10,000 claims were filed. But up to 40 percent of companies can not hope for support: they would have no insurance, they said.


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