Home news Pamela Reif loses in the process of surreptitious advertising - Panorama

Pamela Reif loses in the process of surreptitious advertising – Panorama

  • The Berlin Association Social Competition is working against possible surreptitious advertising of influencers.
  • Also against Instagram star Pamela Reif he has obtained an injunction in three cases.
  • In the dispute before the Karlsruhe district court Reif has now lost. It may not link any trademarks in their photos without marking the posts as advertisements.

Pamela Reif is one of the German stars on Instagram. In the social medium, the 22-year-old from Karlsruhe has more than four million followers. She shares her life with photos and videos, gives fitness and nutrition advice and presents her outfits. But where does the work of influencers start the surreptitious advertising? This question currently involves several courts in Germany. The Association Social Competition (VSW) is against the Instagram sizes. Reif has now lost a lawsuit in the Karlsruhe district court.

She is allowed to put in their photos no so-called tags to brand manufacturers, without marking this as advertising, the judge decided. In three cases, the VSW had obtained an injunction against the 22-year-old.

At the trial kick-off in January, Pamela Reif had rejected the accusation of surreptitious advertising. From her point of view, it would only be advertising if paid for the presentation of clothing. She always identified appropriate advertising agreements, she said. The presiding judge had already pointed out to her at the Instagram appearance of such a well-known person is hardly distinguishable between business and private. "Anyone who chooses to earn money with Instagram has taken the opportunity to travel there privately," he said.

On Thursday he reiterated that the commercial purpose should always be identified. Especially the predominantly young people who belong to Reif's followers are easy to influence and need to be protected. Reif's lawyer announced that he would go to the next instance before the Higher Regional Court.

Besides Reif, other influencers were and are involved in legal disputes because of possibly missing advertising labels. In Munich, for example, a decision is expected at the end of April in a case involving Cathy Hummels.

In court in Munich Who does Cathy Hummels deceive?

Reproach of surreptitious advertising

Who does Cathy Hummels deceive?

The influencer is accused of promoting companies without identifying them on her Instagram account. In court shows: It's not that easy.From the court of Stephan Handel


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