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Outside the mainstream: the Santa Fe Film Festival tells alternative stories – Santa Fe New Mexican

Santa Fe Film Festival: what to see

Planning to attend the Santa Fe Film Festival? Here are some Pasa choices for festival screenings and events.

Thursday, February 14

New Mexico Stories: Shorts program (19 hours in the cinema of Jean Cocteau) A bride flees to the southwest when her wedding plans fail; a single mother from Mexico is faced with deportation in America; and a young girl unravels a secret from the dark family. These are some of the stories that are part of the two-hour program of short films made by New Mexico. (101 minutes)

This is Love (07:30 on the screen) The documentary of director John Alexander celebrates the music of singer Rudy Love, after his foiled career as victim of unscrupulous promoters and shady practices in the sector to his later success and recognition by artists such as Jay-Z . Contains a question and answer with director John Alexander. (81 minutes)

Screens with the short ones Rhapsody in Black, a story of the historic black Los Angeles as told through music. (10 minutes)

Friday, February 15

Native Cinema (18 hours at the Scottish Rite Center) This four-hour program includes Native shorts in the genres drama, horror, eco sci-fi and more. It is a red carpet event and includes live performances by Kody Dayish, Thana Redhawk and Delbert Anderson.

Bathtubs on Broadway (7:30 am on the screen) This public documentary follows Steve Young, a writer for Late Show with David Letterman, who discovered the hilarious and mysterious world of the industrial musical while researching a comedy segment for Letterman. Recordings of Broadway-like extravagances about General Electric, McDonald's, Ford, DuPont and more provide a quirky, nostalgic look into the past. Contains a question and answer with Young and director Dava Whisenant. (90 minutes)

Saturday, February 16

Animation Shorts program (11 hours in the cinema of Jean Cocteau) Old-school animation includes 500 years of art history via a pen with nylon tip; a series of telephone displays tells the life stories of a pineapple and a coconut; a Wall Street attorney begins a battle of will with his deadly employee in a retelling of Herman Melville & # 39; s Bartleby, the Scrivener; and the Pyncheon family discovered buried treasure in the aftermath of the hysteria of witchcraft in New England in an animated House of Seven Gables. There is much more that arouses your appetite. Contains a Q & A with the directors. (105 minutes)

Joseph Pulitzer: The Voice of the People (15.00 at Unitarian Universalist Santa Fe) Director Oren Rudavsky's timely documentary tells the story of Pulitzer, a Hungarian immigrant who became publisher of the newspaper The worldand an advocate for press freedom. (82 minutes)

Union (19.30 in Center for Contemporary Art) Indie director Whitney Hamilton wrote and shone in this war drama as Grace, a woman who takes on the identity of her late brother Henry during the civil war. Disguised as a Southern soldier, she marries the widow who once saved her brother's life and saved her from an unwelcome marriage with a much older man. Grace's secret becomes more difficult to bear if she decides to correct the injustice of her brother. (133 minutes)

My summer as a goth (20:15 pm at Center for Contemporary Art) This drama investigates the coming-of-age of Joey Javitts (Natalie Shershow). Sent to live with her grandparents after her father's death, Joey discovers the boundaries of friendship when she falls for the gothic neighbor and transforms her appearance, risking relationships with friends at home and social alienation. Including a Q & A with director Tara Johnson-Medinger and Shershow. (98 minutes)

Sunday, February 17th

Bending lines: the sculpture by Robert Wiggs (11 hours in Center for Contemporary Art) Sculptor Robert Wiggs has for years studied patterns in nature to generate three-dimensional polyhedra in a process called attachment mechanics. By the end of his life he reflects on his lifelong obsession with patterns. Including a Q & A with director Peter DeHart. (82 minutes)

New Hall Hall of Fame ceremony in New Mexico Film (17.30 in the Scottish Rite Center) Local talent will be shown at the annual event with many stars, in which New Mexico film and television, in the past and present, will be screened. Inductees and honorees for 2019 include editor, cinematographer and producer Alton Walpole; Eileen Evelyn Greer Garson (1904-1996); Emmy-winning writer and actress Maura Studi; actor and musician Wes Studi, the city of Las Vegas, New Mexico; and others. Tickets range from $ 50 to $ 1,500. Available at nmfilmandtvhalloffame.org. – Michael Abatemarco


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