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Theresa May fought, but the Brexit deal is dead. Now she should go and leave her party, which has been instrumental in her failure, to her own.

Comment by Cathrin Kahlweit, London

Actually, this Wednesday in May would be the day Theresa May would have to take her purse and her beloved blue woolen coat and take off from Downing Street. Voluntarily, head raised, through the front door.

She would have to tell the waiting journalist before Number 10 that she had done what she could. But an irresponsible alliance of MPs from all factions, and therefore, yes, even their own, prevented a constructive outcome of the Brexit experiment. Then she would have to drive to Philip, her husband, to Maidenhead and say: Darling, you said I should stick to it – but it does not work anymore.

Instead, at around noon, May will again seek a deal in the House of Commons, which she described in her speech on Tuesday afternoon as a "new deal," and seeks parliamentary support. Knowing that this deal was dead, dead, and remains dead.

The British media write one day after the last attempt to save the EU exit contract and themselves on the finish line, especially two things: It is not questionable whether the meanwhile fourth vote this time could be successful, that was impossible.

You can accuse May of much, but not, she did not fight

On the contrary, it is questionable whether May, in the face of the shrill outrage that is coming to her, actually brings the deal back into the lower house. And they write: Theresa May is an anti-Midas. Unlike the Phrygian king in Greek mythology, who turned everything he touched into gold, everything that May touches becomes lead.

May had presented on Tuesday a kind of best-of from all the proposals and wishes, which the MEPs had presented in the past months in the epic dispute over the implementation of Brexit. She had done what everyone always demanded of her: listened to, and accepted. She had delivered a conciliatory speech addressed to Brexiteers and Remainer at the same time, promising that it would now come to both sides.

Now it says: too late – and not enough. She could not undo the many mistakes. The Brexiteers in the Tory party rave because May, although only under certain conditions and after a general yes to their deal, has promised a customs union and a second referendum. The Remainers rage because May still sets conditions for this second referendum, and because they are considering, if anything, only a temporary customs union.

But these are all window dressing fights. Anyway, it is questionable whether this agreement, this Brexit, ever had a chance to be implemented given the parliamentary majority, the different currents in Tories and Labor, and the two hostile camps in the country. You can accuse May a lot, but not that she did not fight. Now she must go and leave her party, which has contributed significantly to her failure, to her own.

The bad thing is that the country is left to its own devices. There has not been a functioning government for a long time. And maybe soon a man like Boris Johnson as Premier. In the foreseeable future, there should now be new elections. They will not save Brexit. But they would finally give the British a say in this great misery.

Politics UK May open for new Brexit referendum

May open for new Brexit referendum

The Prime Minister wants to save the resignation contract and even announces a vote on a second referendum on the EU withdrawal. The chances for the deal are still bad.By Cathrin Kahlweit