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Only for Xbox One digital has 1 TB of HDD, includes three games

Microsoft is creating an exclusively digital Xbox designed as a low-cost gateway for its profitable services and sources say it will be released in May.

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The sources tell Windows Central that Microsoft's Xbox One S, only digital (nicknamed the rather inconvenient Xbox One S All-Digital edition) will be released on May 7, 2019. The system will be equipped with a 1 TB hard drive and three first-run games entirely designed for a long time – monetary harmonization: Forza Horizon 3, Sea of ​​Thieves and Minecraft. The games will not be preloaded and must be downloaded with the codes.

The new diskless system is Microsoft's attempt to push players permanently into their billions of dollars digital empire. However, the console is not an undersized box: it has the same slim frame as the Xbox One S for retail and the same specifications. It is not a hardware upgrade. The only thing that is different is the lack of disk drive and a lower sales cost. Nothing has been confirmed, but we expect the Xbox One S digital only to retail for $ 150 or so.

Oddly, the SAD edition of Xbox One may not be included with gaming pass or Xbox LIVE subscriptions, which is probably the whole point of the system. Months before the news broke, us predicted that Microsoft could create a cheaper, digital-only set-top box act as a portal for its services.

Microsoft is extremely engaging in its Xbox-as-a-service user base with subscriptions and services, and Game Pass is even more successful. By using recurring services like Game Pass, Microsoft can now make money with his games without selling them.

A digital-only Xbox would have cemented consumers into this ecosystem and created another platform for Microsoft new Project xCloud streaming service. The entire gaming console business is based on long-term revenue through subscriptions and game sales. Consoles are cheaper than PCs, but they cost more in the long term when considering Xbox LIVE, PlayStation Network, full game purchases, peripherals and other services.

The Xbox One S without a disc is not made to replace any core system, but completes them. The Xbox One family will now include three systems to offer consumers an option to buy in the ecosystem in a more flexible way.


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