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One of the minds that Anna Soubry has a & # 39; nazi & # 39; said, the private school is trained former Corbyn-trailer

Revealed: one of the friends that Anna Soubry a & # 39; nazi & # 39; and a & # 39; Traitor & # 39; Named, a private school-trained former Jeremy Corbyn-trailer Max Hammet-Millay was one of those who abused Soubry on Monday verbally. The 21-year-old was previously depicted with a "Jeremy Corbyn for PM" sign The adopted Russian orphan went to £ 23k-a-year DLD College in Westminster

Sami Quadri for the daily mail

20:52 EST, January 8, 2019

02:58 EST, January 9, 2019

One of the men who chased Anna Soubry was a devoted Jeremy Corbyn follower, who showed up last night. Max Hammet-Millay was part of the crowd of demonstrators who surrounded the conservative member of parliament on Monday and called her a "Nazi & # 39; and a & # 39; traitor & # 39 ;. He looked grinning and wore a red hat while being held by police officers outside the Houses of Parliament. The 21-year-old man showed little regret of his actions yesterday when he came to Facebook to share a picture of Miss Soubry with a drawn – on Hitler mustache.

Max Hammet-Millay, 21, was detained by police officers against the House of Lords, Westminster on 7 January. Hammet-Millay – a Russian orphan adopted in London – has recently shared a whole series of anti-immigrant messages on the social networking site, including one that says: & # 39; If you bring migrants back to the country they came from, no encouragement for others. Action required PM. & # 39; Other posts call Labor politicians Jeremy Corbyn and Diane Abbott & # 39; idiots. But it seems that Hammet-Millay's policy – privately trained at the £ 23,000-a-year DLD College in Westminster – has evolved considerably over the past few years. A month after the EU referendum, he was shown with a "Jeremy Corbyn for PM" placard at an anti-austerity demonstration. In August 2016, he shared his views in favor of the Labor leader, including one who praised him for announcing "1 million new jobs." It is not clear why his politics shifted so dramatically.

Hammet-Millay (left in red cap), a former Jeremy Corbyn follower, turned out to be one of the men who chased Anna Soubry when she walked to the House of Commons on Monday. Recently he shared a message on Facebook with the announcement: "Caucasian families are a nice thing – love your race, stop the white genocide. "He also regularly makes offensive remarks about Islam Hammet-Millay came to Great Britain from an orphanage in Russia after being adopted by a gay couple – Glenn Hammet and architect Keith Millay from Islington, North London, adopted another boy from the same orphanage two years before Hammet-Millay, in 2017 they said they regretted the adoption of the boys and told the Mail on Sunday that their lives had been turned into a nightmare & # 39; making them physically, emotionally and financially were destroyed.Hammet-Millay's Facebook profile says he is studying biology at the University of Portsmouth and lives in Camden Town, London.

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