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Olivier Corzani "We want to redefine the collective interest"

At the origin of the list you conducted, it is a collective mobilized against medical desertification. Has this struggle played a role in these elections?

Olivier Corzani Our mobilization with the inhabitants who refused that Fleury-Mérogis became a medical desert was successful. A month later, the mayor resigned, which led to new elections. Seeing the results obtained in this fight gave the desire to continue, the hope of changing things. This is how this list of citizens was born. Personally, I am a communist, but this list is unlabeled, with people of different backgrounds in the center. What we have in common is that for ten years the municipal majority acted as a clan that serves itself but is not at the service of the inhabitants. C & # 39; was therefore the desire to redefine the collective interest. Many topics are urgent: cleaning, early childhood, schools and their equipment, the fight against incivility … – we may have disagreements on national issues, but we find ourselves moving our city. Although we do not solve all the worries in a year.

With the movement of yellow jackets, citizens' demand to be better associated with decisions is widely expressed. You make it one of your priorities. How do you plan to act locally?

Olivier Corzani Very quickly, we will organize half an hour of freedom of speech before each city council so that every inhabitant can directly challenge elected officials. So the neighborhood committees will be established because their best experts are their people. We are also planning a consultation phase with municipal employees, who are actors in the sector. So we will build from the ideas and wishes of the citizens. There is no democracy without participation and the best level for this is the local level. The mayor and his team are not elected officials disconnected from reality, they are right. We are often accused of the Anglo-Saxon or German model, in which the super-territorial communities comprise hundreds of thousands of people. In the end, their participation rate and their democratic life are no longer alive. In contrast, 36,000 municipalities are 36,000 mayors and municipal councils. A large number of people who often invest voluntarily and disinterestedly to try to improve the daily life of their territory. I do not see a better melting pot of democracy.

Many mayors have talked about their bloodless finances. Are you going to join these mobilizations?

Olivier Corzani I deplore the double standards of the state. On the one hand, multibillionaires and multinationals who move and become more precarious are entitled to large sums of money; on the other hand, local authorities who invest their entire budget in the local area see their resources reduced by degrees from one year to the next. I will be one of those who oppose this policy of the lowest for the territories and increasingly for the luckiest. We want public services to do the best they can with the means at their disposal, to look for additional resources, particularly on the side of the agglomeration, where the old team practiced the politics of empty chairs and, above all, to help the citizens mobilize.

Head of the list elected to Fleury-Mérogis

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