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Oil pipeline in Mexico: investigation of possible negligence of the authorities

Mexican justice has initiated an investigation into the causes of the explosion of a pipeline in the center of the country that killed 89, without rejecting any possible negligence of the authorities. The prosecutor's office is trying to determine, among other things, whether the perforation of the pipeline, which preceded the deadly explosion, was the result of criminal gangs or that it was caused by residents who acted in their individual capacity, said today. officials of that institution at a press conference.

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According to prosecutor Alejandro Gertz, the hypothesis of a possible negligence of the authorities responsible for the pipeline is "a fundamental issue". "The chronology of the facts must be absolutely clear and precise, and we will appeal to all authorities who have intervened to testify as part of the investigation," he added. Officials from the Ministry of Defense, police officers, employees of the state oil company Pemex, and government and prosecutors of the state of Hidalgo, where the tragedy took place, will be questioned.

The pipeline was pierced on Friday by unidentified people, who made a real gas geyser, according to images broadcast by local media. The leak drew about 700 people from Tlahuelilpan – a place 120 km north of Mexico City – including entire families who came to collect gas with tins and were surprised by the explosion that made a huge fireball.

On Sunday, the government presented a chronology of the tragedy that showed that nearly four hours had elapsed between the discovery of the illegal leak and the suspension of fuel distribution via the pipeline. The Public Prosecutor also said that January's assassination of three gangsters who have stolen fuel from Hidalgo is an element that can not be rejected as part of the investigation.

The Minister of Health, Jorge Alcocer, Monday again took stock of the tragedy that now stands at 89 dead and 55 wounded.

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