Of course, Boris Johnson is funny. But has he ever worked well?


"He will ride above everything and hope it is delivered," said Andrew Boff, a conservative member of the London Assembly. "Sometimes that sounds good, but sometimes you have to give something more. You really have to care about the things you deliver. & # 39;

But for Mr. Johnson rarely left the blunders.

"His mistakes or perceived mistakes were always seen as proof of his authenticity," said Tony Travers, a government professor at the London School of Economics. Many had expected chaos and were pleasantly surprised when the buses continued to run and, after a turbulent start at the town hall, Mr. Johnson was skilled at delegating and chose a competent chief of staff.

In 2016, Johnson was no longer mayor, he was an architect of the Brexit victory and a favorite to become prime minister. But the job went to Mrs. May and to her great surprise she appointed him as Secretary of Foreign Affairs, partly to keep him outside national politics.

Given his role in the Brexit campaign, his reception among European counterparts was chilly and his language proved anything but diplomatic. He compared the former French president, François Hollande, with an officer in a POW camp from the Second World War; suggested that companies invest in Libya as soon as dead bodies were wiped out; and recited a poem from the colonial period in a Burmese temple.

Perhaps his biggest blunder was in a parliamentary committee in 2017 when he mistakenly told lawmakers that an Anglo-Iranian woman in Tehran, Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, had given journalism to students. That statement was used by the Iranian government to justify their claims that they were spying on.

He lasted two years as Foreign Minister and then resigned from the Cabinet in July 2018 after undermining Mrs. May's Brexit strategy and claiming that Britain was really moving towards colony status. 39 ;.

In his quest to become prime minister, Mr. Johnson has adapted his old habits – theatrics, the polysyllabic put-downs, the bizarre plans – to the Brexit era. Just as he used great ideas as mayor of London to put difficult circumstances in the spotlight, he also tried to forgo the complexity of the Brexit.

In addition to other suggestions, he has suggested the idea of ​​building a new bridge, not across the Thames, but from Great Britain to France.