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Notre-Dame: Fire is under control – Panorama

  • The flames in Paris's Notre-Dame Cathedral are under fire, according to the fire department.
  • President Macron wants to rebuild the church. Since the night, a fundraiser is running.
  • The prosecutor initiates an investigation. There is currently no evidence of arson.
  • One of the most important relics of the Catholic Church could be saved. As for other art treasures, is not yet known.

The fire department has brought the devastating fire in the Paris Cathedral Notre-Dame under control. The French media reported the same, citing the fire department. After several hours of firefighting, the forces gave the all-clear on early Tuesday morning.

The fire devastated the sacred building in the heart of the French capital, the roof truss was on fire. It had broken out on Monday night, with flames hitting the sky for hours. The small pinnacle in the middle of the roof collapsed. According to media reports, a firefighter was seriously injured in the firefighting.

"Sorry to see this part of us burn"

The French President, the Paris Mayor, the Federal Government: they all react in horror to the catastrophe message from Paris.

The exact extent of the destruction was unknown at night. "One can assume that the structure of Notre-Dame is saved and preserved in its entirety," said the head of the Paris fire department. The flames were largely extinguished, the fire department announced further, smaller fire fights would still fight. At times the fire brigade was not sure if it could stop the spread of the fire.

Head of state Emmanuel Macron had promised the rebuilding of Notre Dame on late Monday evening. A national fundraiser should be launched on Tuesday. He wanted to ask for international help to restore one of Paris's landmarks, the president said. The French Heritage Foundation Fondation du Patrimoine launched a fundraiser for reconstruction during the night. The French billionaire family Pinault promised 100 million euros.

"The worst has been prevented," Macron said, looking at the firefighting operations and the two main towers that were temporarily threatened by the fire. He praised the "courage" and the "professionalism" of the firefighters.

The public prosecutor's office opened an investigation into unintentional destruction by fire – that is, there is no mention of arson. According to additional media reports, the fire could be related to construction work on the roof of the church. The prosecution initially did not comment on such reports. The builders had scaffolded the roof.

According to church information, the wooden interior was in flames. Forces tried to salvage priceless art treasures. One of the most important relics of the Catholic Church could be saved from the burning cathedral, the crown of thorns that Jesus Christ is said to have carried at his crucifixion, said the director of the church. The status of the famous rosette windows and the great organ of the church is not known at the moment.

Misfortune and accident fire devastated Parisian landmarkimages

Fire devastates Parisian landmark

The mayor speaks of a "terrible fire": A fire in the cathedral Notre-Dame has destroyed large parts of the building.



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