"Note French village"! A commune in Gard warns tourists against the sounds of the countryside


WARNING – At the entrance of the Saint-André-de-Valborgne, small village of Gard, tourists are greeted with a funny sign. Installed by the mayor, he warns them against the sound of bells and the rooster.

"You come at your own risk" can be read on the panel installed at the entrance of the village of 400 inhabitants of Saint-André-de-Valborgne in the Gard. "Here we have bell towers that regularly ring, roosters sing early, herds live nearby, some even have bells around their necks." Since being published on Facebook last week, the panel photo has been shared several thousand times.

It is the mayor of the city, Régis Bourelly, who installed this sign in response to complaints that frequented tourists who did not support the sounds of the campaign: "They came to me because the bell was fifteen, because the rooster sang because the neighbors' dogs were barking, "he told France Bleu. A little pissed off and with good reason, the work of tourists annoyed by the usual inconveniences occur regularly. Already in Lozère last year, a vacationer, disturbed by the noise of church bells, had asked the mayor to move the carillon at seven o'clock to sleep late. Recently, in the Charente-Maritime, it is a rooster who came to court for "noise pollution".

In any case, tourists who don't like the sounds of the campaign are warned: "If you can't stand it, you're not in the right place".