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No preferential immigration treatment for EU citizens after Brexit, says Abbott

EU citizens should compete on a level playing field with migrants from other countries after the Brexit under a future Labor government, Diane Abbott has proposed.

The secretary of the shadow household revealed a plan to create a reformed immigration system after Great Britain leaves the EU, saying: "People must be treated equally and fairly".

Non-EU citizens, including citizens from Commonwealth countries, are treated as & # 39; second-rate migrants in the current system. she said at a keynote address in London.

She said: "Once trade agreements have been concluded and adopted, there will be no unequal treatment based on the countries where people come from.

"A fully qualified physician from Pakistan is treated as a fully qualified physician from Poland, and vice versa.

"The same applies to the allocation of work visas and the rights attached to them."

Mrs Abbott has attacked the government's goals of bringing net immigration below 100,000 per year by insisting that economic needs give direction to the policy, not to meaningless and arbitrary goals. .

She said that a reformed immigration system is needed to put prosperity and jobs first.

Mrs Abbott called for a more flexible labor visa to ensure that the UK attracts people with important skills from all over the world.

She said: "Unfortunately, we currently have a class system for migrants.

"Commonwealth migrants and other non-EU migrants are treated in such a way that they become second-class migrants.

"They have trouble bringing partners or spouses here, they have to reach minimum incomes, and they can lose their right to stay simply by going home for family reasons.

"It is not fair, it is not human, it is not reasonable.

"Labor will put an end to the established system of first and second-class migrants, and we will do this, not by treating EU migrants as shockingly as Commonwealth and other non-EU migrants have been treated for a long time. end the second-class system by treating everyone fairly. "

Mrs Abbott said that after Brexit EU citizens who already live in the UK should retain the rights they already enjoy.

She attacked government policy because they Europeans as negotiation chips & # 39; and added: "Everyone who has arrived here under the freedom of movement until our exit from the Brexit must continue to receive the same rights in the future.

"We also demand the same for our citizens in the EU, which is a reciprocal and equal relationship."


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