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New indictments for the former Macron collaborator, including the selfie with a weapon

Alexandre Benalla, 19 February 2019 at the Palais de Justice in Paris. – AFP

And three more for Alexandre Benalla. The former collaborator Emmanuel Macron has just received this Wednesday new indictments, for other violence on the sidelines of the demonstrations of May 1, and for the episode of the selfie showing with a weapon, said a judicial source.

At the end of his hearing started in the morning at the tribunal de grande instance in Paris, the former Elysée collaborator emerged from the judges' office with new indictments for "interference in the exercise of a public office" And "voluntary violence in a meeting without disability", facts concerning the episode of the Jardin des Plantes, and for "unauthorized wearing and holding of category B weapons", concerning the selfie with a pistol, detailed the judicial source that confirmed information from the

" Water gun "

On September 24, Mediapart published a picture of a relaxed-looking Alexander Benalla who appeared to be brandishing a Glock pistol at a time when he was not allowed to carry a weapon outside HQ's On! The photo of Alexandre Benalla, then member of the order service of Emmanuel Macron's campaign, was taken on April 28, 2017, in a restaurant in Poitiers, a few kilometers from Châtellerault where the candidate for the Elysee came from hold a meeting.

Questioned by the judges on this subject on November 29, Alexandre Benalla had claimed that it was a "water pistol" and did not remember this selfie. While awaiting verifications, the judges had on that day renounced to put him in examination. But since then, new elements appearing in the investigation seem to have undermined his defense. A note Tracfin in particular revealed that he had made purchases in an armory the days before this shot.

Decision Thursday in the Senate

On Wednesday, the judges also indicted him for his alleged role in the eventful arrest of a couple at the Jardin des Plantes in Paris. Alexandre Benalla had already been indicted on 29 November for the controversial arrest of a third person in the Jardin des Plantes. This day of May 1st, the young man of 27 years and his friend Vincent Crase, former employee of the Republic in Marche, were in "observers" embarked with the police force of the Prefecture of Police.

Thursday, the Senate Bureau will decide whether to seize justice about sworn statements of Alexander Benalla and Vincent Crase during their hearings, "likely to lead to prosecution for false testimony." He will also decide on the case of three officials of the Elysee, for "a number of omissions, inconsistencies and contradictions" during the hearings.

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