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Netherlands – Several injured by gunfire in Utrecht – Panorama

  • In a tram in the Dutch city of Utrecht, several people were injured by gunfire. There may also be a dead man.
  • The police does not exclude a terrorist background.
  • The offender should be on the run.
  • The competent authority issued alert level 5 for the province of Utrecht.

In the Dutch city of Utrecht, several people have been injured by shots in a tram. The police said on Twitter on Monday. The news agency ANP reports that at least one person has been killed. Accordingly, the victim lay covered between two trams on the tracks. The police have not confirmed that yet.

The first reports of the incident, they reached at 10:45. The shots were fired in the area of ​​October 24th, 24th October.

The Algemeen Dagblad reported citing the police "the perpetrators" are on the run, probably in a red seat. Previously, the media reported "a culprit".

Many ambulances are already at the scene. The police called on the public to stay away so as not to obstruct the work of the emergency services. Three helicopters have been sent according to police. Local media reports that the anti-terrorist police are at the scene. Police report on Twitterthat in her investigations into the act she "also considers a possible terrorist motive".

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte was very concerned about the incident. The government wants to meet for crisis talks, he said. According to a broadcasting report, security measures at the government headquarters in The Hague have been strengthened. The anti-terrorist coordinator also called a crisis meeting.

The mayor of the city, Jan van Zanen, writes in a statement on the Internet about a "terrible and radical incident".

Again Dutch journalist Yelle Tieleman on Twitter Citing eyewitnesses, a man in the tram pulled a gun and shot several people. A police spokesman said that it may have been shot in other places.

A spokesman for the city's public transport said the British BBC said tram traffic had been stopped throughout the city.

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