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Netflix added more "Originals" to its library last year than existing TVs or movies

Photo: Big Mouth (Netflix)

Netflix is ​​notoriously one of the happiest entertainment companies in the world. Only Disney spends more each year to acquire and produce content, with the streamer planning to spend something in the order of $ 15 billion for new shows and films only in 2019. Now that the insatiable hunger for the entertainment liquor of level-A to channel into people's eyes has reached a new exciting milestone, with a study that reveals that, in 2018, Netflix added more "Originals" to its programming library than content licensed from other studios would have been absolutely disconcerting in the days when we were still calling "webisode" online content and Netflix had nothing to its name but "maybe this will work" like nascent shows Castle of cards is The orange is the new black.

Obviously, as in any discussion on Netflix, the house of "We don't need to show your grades, but we assure you they are good", we must make sure we access our terms here. "Netflix Originals" is a surprisingly large umbrella, after all, that covers the shows produced by the company, an exhibition that it produces in association with more traditional studies (including OITB), and also entire shows and films that he collects in foreign markets and then imports into the United States. Still, the data from the British research company Ampere Analysis seem quite clear: completely 51% of the titles that Netflix added in the United States in 2018 brought "Original" label.

Of course, Netflix has long since moved on to become a new name in content production, and not just "those people who send you DVDs". (However, they still send the DVDs. We get angry with us, the DVDs! We know you're out there, and you're very vocal!) Now, those recent acquisitions continue to beat only the percentage of original shows and films on the service up to # 39 11%, but still – this is among the thousands of titles available, and it is much more than any of its streaming competitors can boast. (Second Deadline, Hulu operates only with 1% of original material.)

Such as Deadline note, there are a couple of main reasons for Netflix so hungry for this stuff The biggest, however, is probably protective. As illustrated by what happened with his crop of Disney-owned Marvel shows, the up-and-comer does not want to be at the mercy of companies that increasingly see it as a rival for the material it requires to function . The solution: make his shit, hoping to keep his place on top of an increasingly crowded mountain, while more and more competitors make their way into the world of streaming.


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