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Netanyahu given winner according to media projections

Benjamin Netanyahu claimed victory in the legislative elections of April 9, 2019 but he will have to wait for the final results and succeed in forming a coalition. – Ariel Schalit / AP / SIPA

The suspense lasted part of the night. The outgoing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is given victory in the legislative elections by the media projections, which clearly show him better placed than his main competitor to form a right-wing coalition after counting 96% of the votes.

These projections into seats based on counting ballots show his party, the Likud, neck-to-shoulder with Benny Gantz's Blue-white (center-right) list, but with a potential majority of 65 or 67 warrants out of 120 of the next Knesset.

"Clear victory", according to Netanyahu

"It's a fantastic victory," Netanyahu told his supporters in the night. He said that he would set up the same evening for the constitution of a government "with our natural partners". At Blue-white's headquarters in Tel Aviv, there was a huge clamor for polls, and supporters began to dance, waving flags at the Star of David. "This is a historic day, more than a million people voted for us," proclaimed Gantz in front of his supporters. "The president must entrust us with the task of forming the next government because we are the most important party," he claimed before promising to be "the prime minister of all," sung Gantz. "These elections have a clear winner and a clear loser".

Some 6.3 million voters were called on Tuesday to elect the 120 deputies of Parliament and decide whether the unbeatable Benjamin Netanyahu would continue his long reign or whether the hour of change had come with political novice Benny Gantz. Once consolidated results will open in the coming days a period of intense negotiations to form a coalition government.

The President will decide

It will be up to President Reuven Rivlin, in view of the recommendations of the parties represented in the Knesset, to designate the one he will appoint to try to form the government. Lacking significant program differences, the poll was all about a referendum on the person of Netanyahu, Prime Minister for ten years without stopping, adored some, hated by others, especially after several corruption scandals.




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