Home news Nathalie Loiseau should resign on Monday to lead the LREM list

Nathalie Loiseau should resign on Monday to lead the LREM list

Nathalie Loiseau, Minister for European Affairs, in her office, 21 December 2017. – JOEL SAGET / AFP

The announcement will be made during the day. Nathalie Loiseau is expected to resign from the government on Monday to lead the LREM list to Europeans, said the entourage of the Minister of European Affairs.

The presidential party, led by polls in view of the May 26 poll, must endorse in the evening the name of Nathalie Loiseau and about thirty other candidates on its list.

Pascal Canfin will be in position number 2

Nathalie Loiseau, 54, is a career diplomat who led the 2012 ENA until she joined the government in June 2017. She announced live on television during a debate with Marine Le Pen. on March 14, his candidacy to lead the LREM list to the Europeans.

Ecologist Pascal Canfin will be in No. 2 position on the majority list. Aged 44, he is since 2016 managing director of WWF France. He was a Member of the European Parliament, elected with the Europe Ecology list, in 2009, before becoming in 2012 Minister Delegate for Development in the Ayrault government.

Most LREM and MoDem list points to 23% voting intentions

The Republic in Progress (LREM) composes its list by seeking the balance between several factors: parity, the mix between civil society and politics, agreements with MoDem allies, Agir (center-right ex-LR favorable to Emmanuel Macron) and the Radicals, as well as the territorial distribution of the candidates, with particular difficulties to find ultramarine representatives.

Campaign director Stéphane Séjourné, environmentalist Pascal Durand, Finistère referee Pierre Karleskind, ephemeral spokesman Ryan Nezzar and Macron Martin Bohmert, the youth boss, are among the top names for inclusion on the list. . Senator Fabienne Keller (Agir), journalist Bernard Guetta, outgoing MEP Nathalie Griesbeck (MoDem) are also being approached, as well as the political adviser to Prime Minister Edouard Philippe, Gilles Boyer.

According to a Harris Interactive survey and Epoka Agency for TF1, LCI, RTL and Le Figaro published Sunday,
the list of the majority LREM and MoDem points to 23% of voting intentions and ahead of that of the National Gathering (21.5% in the presence of a list "yellow vests", 22% without list "yellow vests"). These orders of magnitude are observed identically in a series of other studies published in recent weeks.


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