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  • The Democrats are pushing to see the full, un-blackened report following the publication of the Mueller report.
  • They also demand that the special investigator answer the congress.
  • Sharp criticism is the appearance of Justice Minister Barr loud – who had to act at the press conference on Thursday morning as "the personal advocate and press secretary of the President."
  • In contrast, Barr is commended by Senate Republican Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

From Johanna Bruckner, New York

When Special Envoy Robert Mueller handed his long-awaited report to Justice Secretary William Barr nearly four weeks ago, the US President was surprising to many-once he did not react at all. While Donald Trump, well-known for his need to communicate, appeared in front of supporters at his club in Mar-a-Lago on the evening of this 22 March, Trump said: "Nothing, not a word, zero on the crucial document for his presidency. This is different on this Thursday before Easter. As soon as Barr has handed over the partially blackened report to Congress, the President lets reporters know he has "a good day." Previously, he had already turned on the way to his followers, which is his favorite: Via Twitter, he sent a photo montage in the style of the hit series "Game of Thrones" in the world. He can be seen from behind, fog billowing around his body – "Game over" announces the pathos pregnant picture.

The message was addressed to those who hate him, as well as "radical left-wing Democrats." For Trump's political opponents, the game is far from over – it is now in a new round. America's most powerful Democrat, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, takes Barr's press conference in the morning to confirm their demand for a statement by Mueller before the congress, Barr's party-led behavior once again testifies to the Trump government's shattering attempt to influence public opinion on the Mueller report. Among other things, the Minister of Justice had justified Trump's attempts to direct the investigation by justifying that he was furious and frustrated.

Politics USA These are the main points from the Mueller report

These are the main points from the Mueller report

US President Trump is triumphant after the release. But the text explicitly leaves open whether he has tried to obstruct the judiciary.By Xaver Bitz, Sebastian Gierke and Benedikt Peters

With Barr the president now has the Minister of Justice, which he wanted, commented the New York Times, An allusion to Barr's predecessor Jeff Sessions, who had withdrawn early due to bias from the Russia investigation – a decision that the President never forgave him. Even more explicit is Senator Elizabeth Warren, one of the candidates in the broad democratic field of candidates for the incoming presidency: "It is a shame to see a Minister of Justice appear as if he were the personal advocate and spokesman of the President of the United States," she writes on Twitter. The New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand – also in the running for the Democratic candidacy – speaks of a "farce" and an "embarrassing propaganda performance".

"Was he pressured to delete or change anything?"

Dozens of well-known Democrats demand the full publication of the report – that is, without blackening – and once again put their hopes in the man who has determined 22 months against Trump. So the Californian MP and presidential candidate Kamala Harris urges that special investigator Mueller in the congress question and answer. On Twitter she calls her supporters to sign a petition.

A surprising supporter could have Harris in William "Bill" Weld. The former Massachusetts governor is so far the only Republican to announce a 2020 candidacy against Trump – he asks on Twitter: "Are these the conclusions he came to (Mueller, Editor's note) or was the report changed in any way, was he pressured to delete or change anything?" Especially many supporters in his own party may not have Weld, who had applied in 2016 as a Libertarian for the office of Vice President, with his position, of course, not.

Mitch McConnell, Republican Senate Majority Leader, issued a statement after the release of the Mueller report that was more in line with the party line: "I'm grateful for the scrupulous work of the Justice Minister," it says. The nation is fortunate enough to have an "experienced leader like Bill Barr" in charge of "maximum possible transparency" while protecting "highly confidential materials". "Like all of my colleagues, I am pleased to read the report carefully," writes McConnell.

At least this statement would probably sign any politician in Washington right now – regardless of party affiliation.

Politics USA Barr: Trump was angry and frustrated

Barr: Trump was angry and frustrated

The US Attorney General presents his interpretation of the Mueller report at a press conference – it quickly becomes clear which side he stands on.By Sebastian Gierke and Benedikt Peters