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Mueller report: Democrats in dilemma – Politics

  • The Mueller report provides no evidence that Trump has cooperated with Russia to win the 2016 election.
  • Although the report is not a complete acquittal, it puts the Democrats in great trouble.
  • Let's continue to investigate against the US president, the Trump helps. Give up, Trump celebrates this as a victory.

Analysis of Thorsten Denkler, New York

This Monday, many Democrats must first recover from the shock. No, US President Donald Trump and his campaign team have apparently not worked with the Russian government to win the 2016 US election. This was the report of special investigator Robert Mueller revealed. He has found no evidence of cooperation, writes Justice Secretary William Barr in his four-page summary of the report for Congress. Mueller has neither convicted nor relieved Trump. He has left it only to his employer, Justice Minister Barr, to determine whether the findings are sufficient for prosecution. He decided: No, they are not enough.

The results can be interpreted a little, even if questions remain open. Why then the many secret meetings of Trump's people with Russian officials? Why did his ex-campaign boss Paul Manafort give survey data to a Russian agent on the Trump campaign? How can it be explained that Trump apparently even before publication on Wikileaks knew of incriminating emails against Hillary Clinton, who had stolen Russian hackers from servers of the Democratic Party? These questions will probably remain unanswered. Even if the Mueller report should still be published in parts. Because a rule of the Ministry of Justice states that no investigation of persons may become public, if no charge is made against them.

Politics USA Trump sees itself confirmed by the Mueller report

Trump sees himself confirmed by the Mueller report

The US president interprets the special investigator's report as "total and complete relief". Trump's allies are already calling for his opponents to be held accountable.By Alan Cassidy

Among the Democrats, there are not a few who would have preferred to start impeachment immediately once Mueller has completed his report. For them, the report must have been like an icy shower. Her hope to pry Trump out of office because of the Russia affair is over. That was more of an academic debate anyway. For a successful Impeachment the Democrats would always have needed a fair number of Republicans. That would have existed – if at all – only if Mueller had provided crystal clear evidence that Trump was guilty. He has apparently not even found in the question whether Trump has obstructed the judiciary. Although Trump fired FBI boss James Comey in May 2017. And shortly afterwards special investigator Mueller wanted to throw out. Trump himself had admitted that he wanted to get rid of Comey because of the Russia investigation.

Almost two years of investigations, dozens of indictments, several convictions even against once close Trump confidants – that can not be all in the well dissolve, may think the Democrats. However, the more time that goes into the country from now on, without anything concrete being put on the table against Trump, the more desperate the Democrats' attempts to clear up their demeanor seem.

For now you will do everything to get the complete Mueller report. Because Barr is unlikely to do them that favor, the dispute could end up in court. This gives the Democrats the opportunity to invite Robert Mueller to one of the committees. In the hope that he will tell little flattering about Trump there.

Mueller's work was her best argument against Trump in many other fields. Mueller is considered incorruptible, is even a Republican and has always had the support of both parties.

The Democrats have in the House of Representatives with their new majority put a whole battery of committees against the President in position. Everything should be scrutinized there, something Mueller was not interested in: Trump's finances, his tax declaration, which he keeps under lock and key until today. Trump's shops, his hotels, his real estate. Something, the Democrats hope, will be, but must be found.

For the most part in New York, several prosecutors have been trying to scare Trump off in a similar fashion. In more than a dozen cases, they are interested in the crooked business of his companies or in nepotism surrounding Trump's inauguration ceremony. One of the trickier things for Trump is paying hush money to two women who say they've had affairs with Trump. Partly because of these payments, Trump's former personal lawyer Michel Cohen has been sentenced to several years in prison. Cohen says Trump gave him the job. If Cohen is guilty, it must be Trump too.

In normal times, such reproaches would bring a president into trouble. But these are not normal times and this is not a normal president. So far none of his scandals Trump have seriously harmed. And after this weekend, the ranks around him are likely to be more closed than ever.

In addition: The investigations of the Democrats in Congress are by nature biased. And it's no coincidence that New York prosecutors were almost exclusively appointed by Democratic presidents. Mueller was the locomotive that has pulled a whole train of investigation behind him. This locomotive is now out. Trump will help any further investigation to uphold their own sacrificial myth. He already celebrates the Mueller report as a total acquittal (which he is not). And as proof that he was always right with his accusation, there was a big "witch hunt" against him in progress (which is also not true). If there were doubters at its base, they will now be reassured.

It's going to be hard for the Democrats to keep up the pressure. Against the suspicion of collaboration with Russia, all other allegations seem puny. The Democrats have to ask themselves if they really want to invest so much time and energy in the question whether Trump did some deals 20 years ago or not. Or whether they would rather leave it to the prosecutors in New York to find some court festivities. You are in a dilemma. Give up now, Trump will sell that as a victory. Carry on, but do not find anything earth-shattering, is the free campaign help for Trump.

Trump can now focus fully on his re-election campaign. The Democrats would be well advised to focus on their retirement. If they want to beat Trump, that's probably the main thing for this weekend, then it's only democratic.

Donald Trump Mueller showed the Americans Trump's character

Mueller showed the Americans Trump's character

After two years, the Mueller report is finally available. The US president will survive the Russian affair politically for now. Nevertheless, this is not a bad result.Comment by Hubert Wetzel



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