Note from the editors: in an earlier version of this story the victim's link with MSU was incorrectly mentioned. The story has been updated.

EAST LANSING – A 22-year-old man was shot dead early Friday morning during a fight in an apartment building in East Lansing.

The victim, who according to the police is a student at Michigan State University, was declared dead in a local hospital. He is originally from Texas, East Lansing Police Capt. Chad Connelly said in a press release.

The East Lansing police responded to a phone call about shots and people fighting on Friday afternoon at 2:44 PM. They arrived at the 2500 block of Chandler Street, near the apartment complex 25 East, and found the victim.

The apartment complex is located near Lake Lansing and Abbott lakes.

The police do not believe that there is a direct danger to the public. The recordings are still being investigated.

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