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MPs call for publication of the Mueller report | TIME ONLINE

The two leading Democrats in the US Congress call for the full disclosure of FBI special investigator Robert Mueller's report on Russia's investigation. The Americans are entitled to the truth, according to a joint statement by House MP Nancy Pelosi and Senate Democratic faction leader Chuck Schumer.

The White House should not interfere with what parts of the report Secretary of Justice William Barr publishes. Trump and his lawyers should not be granted a "preview" of Mueller's investigation results. Republican MPs also demanded publication of the report.

The White House spokeswoman, Sarah Sanders, had previously said that the White House had not received Mueller's report and had not been informed about its contents. Following the handing over of Mueller's report to Justice Secretary William Barr, the next steps would lie with the Minister.

Under the terms of the Ministry of Justice, Mueller must provide the Minister with a confidential report to complete the investigation, explaining why he has decided to go to court and why he may not have done so in other cases. The news portal Politico and other US media reported that Mueller did not recommend any further charges. They appealed to a source in the Ministry of Justice.

Barr might decide to publicize the report. But it is unclear if and when this could happen. Contents of the report were not known at first.

Mueller has since 2017 the suspicion of interference by Russia in the 2016 election campaign and possible ties to the election campaign staff of Trump. Russia has rejected the allegations, as has Trump, who has repeatedly criticized the investigation as a "witch hunt".


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