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Most Britons are ready to vote for a new center ground party in the midst of chaos Tory and Labor, new opinion polls

A majority of Britons would now consider voting for a new center-ground political movement amidst horrifying dismay from the state's main parties, an exclusive poll has revealed.

The exclusive research for The independent the number of people ready to support a new party has risen in just four months after a summer in which Labor's anti-Semitic crisis raged and the Tories tore themselves apart from Brexit.

In a particularly worrying development for Jeremy Corbyn, the BMG Research survey showed that one third of voters – including one-third of those who supported him in the 2017 elections – would support the Labor split as a party.

The data showed that nascent dissatisfaction among the main parties is the cause of the phenomenon, with a great leap forward in those who say that they are not well represented by one of them.

It comes as party season season kicks in this weekend, with Vince Cable taking his Liberal Democrats to Brighton, where he will try to seize the political center ground for his own.

The frenzied atmosphere in the Labor Party is underlined by reports that a handful of Labor MPs are considering leaving and sitting as an independent group in the commons, while a series of Tory MPs have sworn to leave their party as the – populist Boris Johnson becomes a leader.

In April BMG asked 1,500 people if they were ready to think about voting for a new party, 43 percent said they would consider voting for a new center-ground party, while 34 percent said they were would not do that.

Vince cable: Lib dem leadership election takes place & # 39; as soon as Brexit is resolved or stopped & # 39;

But this month, the pillars made a stark change. A 52 percent majority – an increase of nine points – said they would now consider giving their vote to a new group, and only 25 percent said they would not.

People were also asked if they felt well represented by the current political parties, with 40 percent saying in April that they felt very or reasonably well represented, while 41 percent said they were not or not well represented.

But by September a major shift had occurred, with only 35 percent representing the number felt and 48 percent – almost half – saying they felt isolated from the parties currently campaigning for votes.

It comes after months when Labor has been used up by a discrimination crisis, where Jeremy Corbyn was forced to apologize after the party wanted to change part of the internationally recognized definition of anti-Semitism.

Frank Field MP dismissed the party whip after 39 years in the middle of the row, referring to accusations of bullying among the members, while prime minister Tony Blair said last week: "This is another type of Labor Party Can it be taken back? do not know."

Other MPs would also consider swearing off the whip because they believe that the left now has so much control over Labor that its dominance can not be challenged.

British Jews leave the country because of it anti-Semitism, says rabbi Jonathan Sacks

When asked if people would support a Labor split, 33 percent said they would say 30 percent to a certain extent that they did not feel strong, 20 percent said they did not know and only 18 percent said they were against it.

For those who voted for Mr Corbyn's party in the general election in 2017, 32 percent support a split and 33 percent are against, 24 percent do not feel strong and 12 percent do not know.

When asked if people would consider voting for an independent Labor MEP, who disagreed with Mr. Corbyn on important issues, 35 percent said they did, and 42 percent said they did not. and 23 percent said they did not know.

At the conference of his party, Mr Cable will call for liberal Democrat supporters to vote for free in the party's leading matches as part of a plan to turn it into a "moderates movement".

The Lib Dem leader wants his party to adopt a "registered supporter system" that allows non-members to help decide who takes over from him.

In a sign that Brexit divisions have cracked the Tories, a handful of MPs, including former ministers Dominic Grieve and Anna Soubry, and Heidi Allen said they will stop when the foreign secretary, Mr. Johnson, becomes leader .

Source message: BMG Research interviewed a representative sample of 1,533 GB adults online between 4 and 7 September. Data is weighed. BMG is a member of the British Polling Council and adheres to its rules

The Independent has launched the # Finalalay campaign to require voters to vote for the latest Brexit deal.

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