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more than 700 million rubles were stolen during the construction of a gas pipeline in the Leningrad region

The prosecutor's office in the Leningrad region opened a criminal case (part 4 of Article 159 of the Criminal Code) against the company Omega, which was suspected of obscuring 700 million rubles during the construction of the gas pipeline.

According to the ministry, Omega and Gazprominvest signed an agreement in 2012 within the framework of the program for the development of the gas supply and gasification of the region for 2012-2015. The agreement provides for the construction of a "gas pipeline branch to the city of Priozersk" worth almost 2 billion rubles by 2014.

Construction work has not yet been completed until the end, according to prosecutors. Gazpromvod should consist of four lines, but by 2019 only the first phase would be fully operational.

According to the ministry, Omega received nearly 1.7 billion rubles for the work. Under the guise of paying dividends and spending money for a report, as well as "unreasonable transfers" to the accounts of affiliated legal entities "Omega", it has withdrawn more than 700 million rubles.

In November 2017, Fontanka reported that a section of 18.5 km was in operation in the Leningrad region. The remaining 87 km correspondents who went to the location of the proposed gas pipeline could not be found, despite the fact that according to the documents all work was completed and paid. In "Gazprom Invest" then remarked that "Omega" is bankrupt.


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