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Mood – distrust of the construct – sport

The dumb atmosphere in the game of the national team in Wolfsburg testifies to reservations. The young crew is not to blame for the (old) burdens – but will still have to bear it.

Comment by Philipp Selldorf

It was a reboot as one could wish for, and yet everyone was surprised at the enthusiasm he set in the stadium. The audience in the lowland state of Lower Saxony was not that enthusiastic, and the national coach was almost embarrassed by the ovations, especially as they were above all his own. On the other hand, of course, this applause did well after the failed tournament, which once had left a shame on national self-understanding, and this wonderful atmosphere in the stadium was undoubtedly the best experience after all the pessimistic expert commentary on the state of German football and its outlook.

Yes, that's how it was back in August 2000, when Rudi Völler, after the terribly crooked European Championship, was named the team manager of the national team by emergency decision and celebrated his debut in the 4-1 victory against Spain in Hannover.

Nobody shouted: "There is only one 'Jogi Löw'

Not quite 19 years later, only 80 kilometers away in the same state of Lower Saxony, the new start of the current national team was not quite as enchanting. There were whistles at break and in the middle of the program again and again murmurs, and no one exclaimed: "There is only one 'Jogi Löw', although this national coach – in his own way – is unique as the incomparable Rudi Völler.

The fact that Joachim Löw was not celebrated in Wolfsburg was not only due to the generally unsatisfactory result in the test match against Serbia (1-1) and in a match that only partially fulfilled the claims. Many a German football fan would probably have allowed the national coach also retired, this has recently prescribed the hero Hummels, Boateng and Müller and the hero Khedira for some time.

When it comes to age effects, then Löw is far ahead of the retired footballers. For almost 13 years, he has stood for the national team, which is a very long time in an office that could hardly be more public, and as in many other matters, an analogy to Angela Merkel also opens up here. From too well-practiced eyesight and listening habits, a certain weariness has arisen in the audience, and so it is not so much what Merkel or Löw do – it is anyway skeptical or even dismissively rated.

From the mood surrounding the national coach, his young team is not unaffected. Wolfsburg is only conditionally a representative location, but it is also no no-man's-land in the football state. The dumb atmosphere testified to reservations. These have less to do with the fact that the new German defensive series still has some security deficiencies and the attack suffers from the absence of a scorer. But with the mistrust of the construct together with the superstructure, which also includes the DFB and its President Reinhard Grindel. At these (old) loads, the young new team has no blame, but they will have to wear it for a while.

German national team The audience grumblesVideo

The audience is grumbling

Whistles, grunts and empty seats: When 1: 1 against Serbia in Wolfsburg shows that the fans hardly support the national team. The participants busy the displeasure.By Carsten Scheele, Wolfsburg


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