Home news Ministry of Transport defends controversial bicycle helmet campaign | TIME ONLINE

Ministry of Transport defends controversial bicycle helmet campaign | TIME ONLINE

Federal Ministry of Transport has been for the fierce criticism of the choice of subject
justified his cycling helmet campaign. As a
Ministry spokeswoman said, should with the pictures – the easy
dressed models show – the "difficult to reach target group"
the 17- to 30-year-olds are addressed. Accordingly, that is
Ministry "convinced", this young target group with the
Reach campaign. It is also "still behind the
Motives ".

Transport Minister himself sees the excitement over the campaign
positive. He is pleased that they are well received by advertising professionals and
be described as courageous, said Andreas Scheuer (CSU). Do it
sorry if someone feels hurt by the campaign. On twitter
Scheuer wrote: "That has never happened before: throughout Europe now
discussed about bicycle helmets. It is clear: only 8 percent of boys
Cyclists wear helmets. It is also clear: Helmets protect against heavy
head injuries
and save lives. "

Department of Transportation
and Road Safety Council had in collaboration with the
television show Germany's Next Topmodel
A 400,000-euro billboard campaign designed to attract more people
Wearing bicycle helmets. To the motives of the campaign
Also include male and female models in underwear who
wearing colorful bicycle helmets. The whole thing is titled with the slogan
"Looks like shit. But saves my life" ("Looks like shit.
But save my life. ") The motives are according to the Ministry of Transport
from Tuesday nationwide in the street and in the social media too

"Embarrassing, stale and sexist"

At the
Weekend there was criticism of the implementation of the campaign
among other things of SPD politicians as "embarrassing, stale and
sexist. "Family Minister Franziska Giffey
(SPD) posted a picture of himself bicycle and helmet on Facebook and
wrote: "Dear Andreas Scheuer: With helmet goes too
dressed up! "A spokesman for Giffey said on Monday that it would go
Minister not about the campaign itself, but about the nature of

also came from the General German Bicycle Club (ADFC). "Many people
annoying about such a campaign, many people feel
not taken seriously at all, "said ADFC general manager
Burkhard Stork. There are many topics to worry about scouring
must, for example, more traffic safety and avoidance and
Preventing accidents. "There's a lot to do for Herr Scheuer, but
instead, he takes care of silly campaigns, "Stork said.
Biking associations have long been demanding more Tempo 30 zones,
Turn-off assistants for trucks and better protected bike paths for
more traffic safety.

Campaign should "shake up and polarize"

Ministry of Transport announced that it "the criticism absolutely
However, the campaign should
"shaking and polarizing" as well as "attention
also the Traffic Safety Council as a project partner
Defended the campaign and was surprised by the criticism:
"That there are so many allegations of sexism, has us
then a little surprised, "said chief executive
Christian Kellner MDR. "According to him in the drafting
extra care was taken that the campaign was not sexist.

was about to get attention and against that
to work on bad image of the bicycle helmet. The essential
Message was that he could save lives, said Kellner the transmitter.
For models, the initiators had decided because
that is an "eye-catcher". "Of course you could
just as a campaign introduce, in the 'average consumer'
working with the helmet, "Kellner said.



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